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  1. Agreed. Even Wilson's beard got a skin, so why not add beefalo skins. Согласен. Даже борода Уилсона получила скины, почему бы не добавить скины бифало
  2. It should grow like Wilson's beard, providing up to 180 insulation(overheating him faster in summer) but slowing him down at max stage (15% decrease), because it's not easy to run around when you a big ball of fluff. When shaven, it would give 3 - 15(depending on the growth stage) impy fur tufts, that work as mediocre fuel but are useless otherwise I dont know how it would work with the survivor and draconic skins but klei are hella creative they could make it work I'm sure
  3. Wormwood was given for free on steam to people who bought hamlet. Will the same happen on ps4 when/if hamlet becomes available there?
  4. Like seriously, klei, please please please please make wortox offline for the sake of the offline community.