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  1. I live in Ukraine, and every day I hear explosions closer and closer to my house. I am afraid I might have to move away eventually, but I obviously cannot take a whole ps4 with me, which means the kitten will disappear after some time. Is there any way to preserve the kitty even if you can't log in daily?
  2. I don't want to sound whiny and entitled, but please, make it possible to toggle between the old and new ui. Changing such a core gameplay element so suddenly is not at all good for long time players.
  3. Maybe after they release all the Yot events, the can add a "Year of everyone" option in the world settings, which just enables all Yot events simultaneously.
  4. As a toggle - sure. But as a permanent, not disableable function - please no. Sometimes builds need a bit of chaos to look good, but I also want my chests to be tidy.
  5. Didn't Crash bandicoot 3 have permanent upgrades(that made the game easier) you got from bosses?
  6. Hopefully the console update isn't delayed. Can't wait to look at the new skins!
  7. If lag compensation is set to predictive, force attacking with no targets around shows the animation for the attacker, but not for others. If it is set to none, the attacking player does a step forward with no attack animation. I remember it not being the case some time ago, and it was a great way to communicate without chat, but now others simply don't see the anination.
  8. This. And making cookbook immediately available also makes the cooking tab visible before it's supposed to(at least in my opinion)
  9. Wooden gates built next to fences sometimes look strange. But the issue is inconsistent, since the right gate later fixed itself.
  10. When wearing any of the spiffy "Silk robe" body skins and mining a boulder while facing away from the camera, the character's bottom will be visible through the silk robe where it's not supposed to. (Tested on Wortox, Woodie, and Wormwood)
  11. Like seriously, klei, please please please please make wortox offline for the sake of the offline community.