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Clean Sweeper Additions?

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I recall it being mentioned before by some one and I've certainly had the thought before... but is it all possible for the Clean Sweeper to cycle through various things in game that have multiple versions of themselves? Talking about decorative items mostly, such at the potted succulents/ferns, Dock Piling, and the Friendly Scarecrow's facial expressions.

(Though with that in mind it'd be interesting to be able to use it to alter the appearance of the classic berry bush to the "Leafy" variant since it's just a visual change after all.)

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I'm 100% behind this idea! Okay, well, maybe 98%. Seems a bit pointless on the scarecrows as their expressions change on their own anyway. Aside from that though, it strikes me as perfectly reasonable to expand the clean sweeper's role in cycling between woven skins to include cycling between objects' natural cosmetic variations.

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