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A way to get other berry bush types

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Yeah, I'd be in favor of some way to get new berry bushes, of either kind, through some way other than spontaneous generation. Some way to propagate new plants sounds ideal for a character ability for Wormwood. A bunch of berries and some living wood, maybe some of his stats (not necessarily just health) to get a bush seedling. Add nightmare fuel to the mix to mutate between the two kinds. Spores, living logs, and compost wraps (or maybe funcaps instead of spores if just needing spores would be OP) to create Mushtrees, maybe replace living logs with rot to be able create new mushrooms. Something like these could be used for just about any plant, and of course, planting from a seedling would cut out the drawback of needing to re-fertilize fertilize as with transplants.

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13 hours ago, Bumber64 said:

Should be added to monkey portal drops.

Interesting, maybe the tri tipped one can spawn naturally on the island as well given that it looks tropical (especially since they were actually in shipwrecked and all).

Maybe, when it comes to the two main one's being the classic bush and the juicy variant, depending on the surface the other can appear more often or naturally in the caves? (Like if the surface spawned the juicy variant maybe the caves could have the classic version in the sunken forests)?

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