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Wickerbottom Character Refresh [Fan-made Mod]


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I'm proud to present a second fan-made Character Refresh mod that changes Wickerbottom to be somewhat similar to her DST counterpart. This mod adds new books, which totals to 22! Already existing books get new effects and reworks as well. This mod, sadly, requires that you own all DLCs to be played without any problems.

Below is a list of what's changed and what's added:

  • Wickerbottom now has 125 health,
  • Wickerbottom gains 0 health from stale and spoiled foods,
  • Wickerbottom can now craft 16 additional books,
  • Wickerbottom's books will not disappear if you change character.
  • Books can only be read by Wickerbottom (a configuration option for Wickerbottom's books to be read by Maxwell has been added).

Below is a list of all her books and what they do:

  • Birds of the World - Unchanged
  • Applied Horticulture - Unchanged
  • Sleepytime Stories - Unchanged
  • On Tentacles - Cannot be read while riding a boat.
  • The End is Nigh! - Will spawn 16 lightning strikes at random that will damage enemies for 68 to 100 damage at random, will not set things on fire anymore and will not damage Wickerbottom.
  • Joy of Volcanology - Can now be crafted on all worlds.
  • Ode of Arms - Reading it will ally all nearby Pig Guards for 8 minutes.
  • Tempering Temperatures - Will lower the Player's wetness to 0 and set their temperature to 35.
  • Lux Aeterna - Will spawn a beam of light on the Player that will last for 8 minutes.
  • Practical Rain Rituals - Will start and stop rain including Hamlet's fog.
  • Necromancy Grimoire - Will spawn 3 friendly ghosts that will follow the Player and fight for them.
  • Conquer Arachnophobia - Will spawn a turf of web on the Player's feet that will slow down enemies.
  • Pyrokinetics Explained - Will extinguish all nearby flames.
  • Apicultural Notes - Will spawn 3 beehives near the player with a 15% chance to spawn a killer beehive instead.
  • The Angler's Fishing Guide - If read near a pond or tidal pool 2-4 fish will spawn out of said pond. It will also fill up all nearby Fish Farms.
  • Fertilizer Compendium - Will fertilize all withered and barren plants nearby.
  • The Woodcutter's Manual - Once read it will cut down 15 trees near the Player.
  • Cartography, Abridged - Will reveal a small radius on the Player's map.
  • Cartography, Expanded - Will reveal a large radius on the Player's map.
  • The Catalyst of Doom - Will enable and disable the Aporkalypse once read.
  • Lady Fortuna's Touch - Play a game of luck, you have a 33% chance to get a Gold Nugget(RoG), a Dubloon(SW) or an Oinc(Hamlet), if you fail the roll then you have an additional 15% chance to get a random gem (for RoG, SW) or a Tenpiece/Centapiece Oinc(for Hamlet) if that check fails as well then the Player will take 8 damage, this game of luck will play 6-8 times.
  • Of Sound Health & Mind - Swaps your health for sanity and your sanity for health.

Other recipes introduced in this mod:

  • Bookcase - Works as a chest that only accepts books and papyrus, books will regain +1% durability every 30 seconds
  • Warding Necklace - Lasts for 18 minutes, when equipped nightmare creatures will be neutral against the Wickerbottom, if worn by characters other than her then the amulet perishes 800% faster (2 minutes).
  • Fountain Pen - Has 8 uses and works like a Feather Pencil, is necessary for crafting the Bookcase and Cartography, Expanded.

A huge thanks to Whyro for his amazing new artwork for the new books! Another thanks to Leonardo Coxington for allowing me to use his artwork from Hallowed Forge for a book.

As of right now I am awaiting feedback on what can be changed or what new books can even be added. Thank-you for reading and have a good day.


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Update 1.0.6 has been released! Here's the changelog:

  • Introduced the "Of Sound Health & Mind" book that will swap the player's health for sanity and vice versa.
  • The Woodcutter's Manual recipe has been changed,
  • The Fertilizer Compendium's recipe has been changed,
  • The Warding Necklace is now found under the Books tab,
  • The Warding Necklace's recipe has been significantly nerfed to be cheaper,
  • Added a new effect for the Apicultural Notes,
  • Fixed a bug that caused tentacles and beehives to spawn on water when using books,
  • Fixed a missing effect when reading a book while riding a Beefalo.


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