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New Wicker Mechanic

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In this post I list 3 Concepts tied to giving Wicker a mechanic that people seem to be craving. I keep thinking of how Wicker can be more than her books and what the Wickerbottom experience is all about, and what strikes me thematically are three adages. From here I made the leap to tying some ability to her sanity levels, as playing Wicker is often directly tied to managing this. These 3 pitches would be mutually exclusive to one another, in my eyes.

#1 One iteration of this idea could be ""Knowledge is power", tying Wicker's magic DPS to sanity levels. So for example, maybe at 0 sanity she peaks at 100 base dmg with a dark– like Wanda in old age. and at 250 sanity has a .75 dmg multiplier like Wendy. Or maybe reverse it so that max sanity gets you the peak dmg stat and 0 gets you weaker? I'm not totally sure because Sanity is not totally equivalent to intelligence, but one could say because reading is what makes her insane, it is innately tied to her intelligence. As she learns more she descends into madness and becomes a paragon of power. 

#2 Another idea was inspired by the phrase "Work smarter, not harder". What if Wickerbottom had an innate discount to some standard expensive crafting recipes tied to her sanity levels as well. So long as she's sane, and not distracted by insanity she gets the discount? or maybe if she's insane she'd get it because as stated before, using her books, her perk, makes you insane and is therefore innately tied to intelligence. Some everyday uses that could be great is reducing say hambats, pig houses, bunny huts, dark swords, endothermic pits, fling-o-matics. Some might think this perk should be bound to the mundane, as forgoing construction amulets entirely seems a bit unbalanced. Although I would argue, if she HAD to be sane in order to use the perk then it would put extra onus on the player to manage sanity whilst in the ruins otherwise, just use the amulet like everyone else. "Work smarter, not harder" And since this would be so powerful, maybe the threshold for the perk should be higher, say 225 sanity+.

#3 Lastly, "The pen is mightier than the sword", the quote from Wickerbottom herself that is featured on the loading screen. This adage in real life means that words hold powerful truths that can effect/ move people in ways that violence doesn't measure up to. In a cartoon fantasy world this can also be an effective alternative to standard military combat. What if Wicker had an arsenal of "pens" in a similar vein of the fiery pen. Once reading a book, it creates a corresponding pen that has unique abilities only to be used while sane. Now she has more than 10 books, some of which are simply upgrades of others, so maybe not every book needs a personalized pen. But what if for example "Sleepy Time Stories" spawned a 'Dark Inkwell pen' that slowed down a mobs attack rate due to 'grogginess', what if "The End is Nigh" created a cheaper version of the mourning star, granting electrical dmg. And "Practical Rain Rituals" could make a Fountain pen, each use behaving like a water balloon targeting its mob. Maybe Lux Aeterna Redux creates a Highlighter  that could replace keeping a lantern. "On Tentacles" could create a squid inkwell to recharge certain pens. Maybe "Apicultural Notes" can have a 'Calligrapher's pen' that behaves like a walking cane with a durability and perhaps 51 dmg due to it being "The swiftest of stylographs!" What if "Encyclopedia of Everything" had a 1 use discount 'Draftsman's Pencil' to make give a discount to crafting.

I'm just coming up with pitches off the top of my head and really went wild with concept 3. Let me know which of these three ideas seems the most appealing to you! And let's not worry about implementation or coding practicality just yet. I don't expect anything to come of this for the update Thursday, but as others have said, Wolfgang had a redo to his refresh so let's not count Wicker's as finalized just yet. So let's dream a little and start expanding on ideas beyond "this update is dull, she is just books".

I personally feel like all three of these offer a new strategy to playing Wicker that further drives her individuality.

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I like your optimism, but no major changes are going to come to Wicker at this stage of the beta. 

Also, I think Wickerbottom is fine. The rework looks great so far. No tweaks needed.

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27 minutes ago, dzzydzzy said:

her sanity levels, as playing Wicker is often directly tied to managing this

To be fair, Wicker is often directly tied to losing sanity and having to deal with it somehow. Players don't get ANY special way to "manage her sanity" other than those accessible to a generic character (oh, minus sleeping).

33 minutes ago, dzzydzzy said:

"Knowledge is power"

Idea itself seems good but

  • Wanda already does it basically gaining knowledge over dark magic with her age (as you mentioned it) and it is the shtick of her character - a Glass Canon gaining power as she is closer to death (she also alternates time and space but she's a DLC character, so she's forgiven :v)
  • Wickerbottom is a "Caster/Summoner" type of character, she uses Books to make things happen and giving her another special mechanic that would be so complicated and also tied to her sanity would make her very cumbersome, especially for newer players.
45 minutes ago, dzzydzzy said:

"Work smarter, not harder"

This to me sounds more like a Winona perk. Besides most crafts in DST don't require too much hassle unless you make a lot of them.

47 minutes ago, dzzydzzy said:

"The pen is mightier than the sword"

I like that one the most, the problem with Books creating pens is the limited inventory and also why should you play with all of those and lost sanity to create them, when you can get the generic item that does the same? Fiery Pen is free addition to using the Book, sure, but it is just as useful as Fire Staff (they're both not too useful sadly).


I don't think Wickerbottom needs another powerful perk, she doesn't need more damage or special, game-changing ability, what she really needs is a break
All she got in this refresh is more ways to lose her mind (I like new books, don't get me wrong, but can she get a break as well? Please?).

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I really love idea #3 it's super creative and I wish it was able to be implemented! The fiery pen was a great idea but there isn't much use for a fire staff other than lighting gunpowder from afar. These other pens would of been really cool!

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