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Grumble's Aggro

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I'm not sure if it's intentional game design, but it's incredibly frustrating for the grumbles to attack your fellow survivors. For those wondering, it seems that due to Wortox's monster status, the grumbles instantly aggro on him whenever near by. I haven't played with other monster survivors but I assume that's how it works for Webber and Wurt as well. It's also a tad unique to these companion mobs. Merms are able to be pacified with Merm King and Abigail never hits other players, nor shadow duelists. I get that pig followers will attack monster players but regular bees aren't naturally aggressive to Wortox, Wurt, and Webber. 

Can this be removed? So that other people don't have to murder your entire bumble crew just for hugging the fire in winter?

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4 hours ago, dzzydzzy said:

Abigail never hits other players

As a Wendy Main I can straight up tell you 100% for a fact that this part is a lie, people who are new to the game will often see Wendy being chased by a Spooky Ghost so they will attempt to save Wendy by rushing up to and Smacking Abigail, which Abigail will immediately become hostile towards them and fight back. 

I understand that this happens in PVP mode, but in Coop mode It’s a bit sad for me to say this: but people have actually died attempting to attack Abigail.

I also play as Willow and last time I can recall Players who attempt to attack Bernie in Coop can’t even hit Bernie.. and Bernie won’t rage immediately going hostile.

It just seems “Ironic” to me that other players get a massive boost in damage if they attack a target that Abigail is attacking and has applied the petal Debuff to- but if whatever your attacking dies, or you miss and hit Abigail- Welp your done for GG.


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