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Making biomes less ball-ish and more natural

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Just a guess:
I think the "Loop" and/or "Branching" worldgeneration settings have an effect one this.

Did you already publish your mod? Can you share a link?
My teleportato mod also has a setting to split tasks into islands (by just adding a regionid and "not mainland" to them)

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IIRC the way the procedural generation of the land works is it generates clumps of land in giant circles and then uses perlin noise to shave off the edges into unique jagged shapes. If you played back in beta for the original DS, you'll remember the old "circle island" generation that it used to have. I believe that was before they had decided on a proper perlin noise/lock+key layout for the land, but those circle islands still technically generate with every world, they just now also have a perlin noise mask being applied to them to make it look more "natural".

As far as how to fix this, I'm not really sure you can without touching the actual procgen code, but I could very well be wrong so take what I say with a grain of salt haha I don't have the expertise on the matter to be certain, I've only just played this game for a long time lol.

EDIT: If there's a way you can increase the range of the perlin mask to apply to a bigger area, that would be where I'd suggest to look first

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