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Make Fire Pumps work on docks.

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I saw people that want Tin Fishing Bin on docks and looks like I'm the only one who want fire pump working on docks. Fire pump is a structure that you can place on a boat to make the same works as an Ice Flingomatic, better translate to a thing that no one use, not even me that I love sailing. So my idea is jut use it as manual ice flingomatic on docks. Of course, it's still salt water, so it won't work in the farm. But hey, now there is more room for them.
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All of the 3 following utility boat structures should work on docks:

Fishing Bin , Fire Pump and even Pinch N Winch for more precise Knobby nut seeding in otherwise unreahcable by boat tiny pockets of water/rivers as Glemrz pointed out.

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