Spotted in yellow cover while investigating

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This is an interesting edge-case of how guard peeking works. I quote @qoalabear

On each of the left/right sweeps, they actually make 2 separate attempts to notice around cover. "forwards" refers to the original facing before peeking. Also this is specific to an orthogonal facing. Diagonal facing is handled more simply.
1) 1 step forwards, then look to the side along the row. Ignoring cells that provide cover or are behind cover (and unlike normal vision, cover on the source tile counts).
2) If no cells available in step 1 (not no agents found, no cells available), 1 step to the side then forwards along the column.
(Case examples:)
So the first of the 2 guard peeks, there was alternating cover in the row, so the guard failed step 1 and used step 2.
The 2nd guard to peek, there was open space down the row past Tony, so the guard peeked using step 1 and never checked step 2.
In both cases, step 2 would've been required to see Tony.
Step-1 (green): Guard tries to look forwards-then-sideways. Ignores cover and cover-providing tiles in that direction, then sight is blocked by tall cover. Even if that hadn't been tall cover, would've still been ignored as "cover, covered-tile, cover, covered-tile, door". No cells to examine, therefore continue.
step-2 (purple): sideways-then-forwards. Examines 3 tiles, 2 further tiles are ignored because they all contain cover objects.
Second peek: step-1 (green): Guard looks forwards-then-sideways. Cover, covered-tile, open tile (circled), wall. Guard only checks that open tile as part of the extra noticed-agents check.
There was a tile checked, therefore the guard never attempts step2.
I strongly dislike that this behavior causes guards to notice agents down the hallway like this, but only because the green arrow was blocked
Diagnoals are simpler. There's just the one line tried (per each of the left and right peeks)
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