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WHAT IF… you could ride no-eyed deer?

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WHAT IF… you could ride no-eyed deer? Now I know what your going to say and argue”Wait we already have beefalos and they are pretty good.” Well, I have found a way for this to be a double suggestion that’ll blow crab kings uselessness out of the water almost literally. First though, the basics. It would take 2x longer to tame one as they are more skittish, but tame in the same way. They would be about 2x the players speed which may or may not be a beefs speed, but they cant carry heavy stuff without prior assistance. First, a more basic thing. You could make a Deer pack that’s like a piggyback in every way, space and speed-wise. Now, crab king. If you socketed 6 opals(yes I know that’s hard but you don’t need pearls pearl for it.) it allows crab king to drop 8 Stone Gem Slots, and a Pearl slot. These slots, along with some more stone, could make chest pieces that allow you to socket gems in them like crab king. Red gems would give the deer more health, blue gems would give the deer Klaus’s blue deer ability, purple gems give it more damage, orange gems would make the deer into a lazy explorer, green gems al low you to carry heavy things and possibly more than one player, depicted in minespatch’s fan art,but they slow it down a lot, and can’t be equipped with orange gems, yellow gems will give a yellow light aura and a heat thing, opals are opposite to yellow gems, cyan light with cold. And pearls pearl gives all the stackable powers by three, like crab king, but only on a special chestpiece called Pearls piece. Also, you could make special catalysts that do more damage against specific creatures. Is this worthy of even a mod? Let me know.

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