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Setting up timer sensors

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I had a series of buildings I wanted to automate so that they weren't all active at the same time.  They weren't on a cycle schedule, so I decided to use timer sensors.

However, setting up the timer sensors was an inconvenient task, as the only controls I had were to change the durations of Red and Green and resetting the timer to green.  I had approximately 30 timers, so I had to go in and spend about 2 in game cycles waiting for a timer to expire so I could reset the new timer.

I think it would be nice to be able to set where in the timer cycle it currently is.  For example, I want to set this timer so that it is 40 seconds in to the red and this one so it is 80 seconds in to the red.

EDIT:  I do know that a series of properly set up buffer and filter gates can solve this problem, but I didn't feel like working it out that day.

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