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Custom Button mapping

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On the PlayStation there are a few controls which personally I would love to be able to remap them to different buttons. I have the game for the pc as well and there your able to remap the controls. For Klei, do you have any plans to add this feature at some point? I know quite a few games which allow this and its incredibly helpful. I would really enjoy having the ability to remap my controls.

Thank you!

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Maybe in a qol they maybe, might, possibly add it. But considering theres no mouse and keyboard suppprt and the switch version doesnt even have touch controls im not sure how likely they are to implement anything having to do with control schemes.

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On 6/5/2022 at 3:01 PM, deemo_ said:

I would love for the “burn with a torch” button to not be the same button as the crock pot cook button. 

haha. Not a single time does this not happen to me if I haven't played Warly in a while. One of the first three nights I'm burning my crockpot, I'm at piece with it. 

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