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  1. No, not without mods or a glitch that I personally don’t know about
  2. True, and while it’s a nice perk it doesn’t make up for how inefficient it is. There’s not much reason to use the Deck Illuminator over a Lantern, for example. They both take up no space and you can bring the lantern with you once you leave the boat. Sure, the lantern’s fuel is less readily available but you can quite easily stock up on light bulbs before you sail off. Even with the increased drop rate on the shells it still feels as if I have to go far out of my way to make a subpar helmet. It might be nice if you were sailing already and needed armour, but you’re not gonna have an alchemy engine on your boat to make it. I can agree with the other two, giving orange gems more uses would be fantastic, and the Floral Shirt can get you through the hottest days of summer if you make it at the right time, I suppose.
  3. Ohhh my bad, spawning more nightmares is a good idea, although that coupled with its, albeit low, sanity drain it might be quite frustrating to use at a base.
  4. I didn’t know you got multiple per craft, my bad. I’ve only used them from other players making them and never thought to ask, knowing this makes me feel much better about them. Had no idea it spawned more nightmare creatures when active, I still don’t think this offsets it’s cost and continued cost to maintain it though. I really like the idea of socketing red or blue gems in it to vary its use if I’m quite honest.
  5. There are a few items in DST that just don’t quite hit the mark in my humble opinion so I’m making this post to list them, bring attention to them, offer suggestions and let us discuss them! We still have another QoL update coming this year and it could come this month (August) so I wanted to bring attention to these items while the iron’s hot. So here goes: Deck Illuminator - Has the same fuel efficiency as a campfire while being considerably more expensive. The efficiency should be the same or even better than a fire pit. This item provides some nice ambience to sailing when in use and I’m honestly quite sad it’s such a waste to use. Napsack - Fills a niche in the form of an AoE sleep attack but it’s horribly expensive and requires the player to kill Misery Toadstool. It should make more than it does per craft or have a buff to the size/duration of the sleep cloud. Cookie Cutter Cap - This one is another one of those “expensive without reason” items. It provides less protection than a football helmet while being more expensive but doesn’t a perk to make up for it. It could provide a thorns effect to the player similar to the Bramble Husk or have a much greater durability (the extra 210 durability doesn’t make up for it in my opinion). Night Light - I love the Night Light but it’s just so bad. It can provide light for a little over a day with 3 nightmare fuel which is great but that’s just about it for such an expensive item. It requires a red gem but doesn’t provide heat. I propose that it be made more efficient and that the player should be able to socket a red or blue gem to make the Light exothermic and endothermic respectively. It should also not be put out by an Ice Flingomatic. The Lazy Forager - Quite a popular one so I won’t go into too much detail. It’s completely overshadowed by the Polly Roger. Should be rechargeable via nightmare fuel and/or have a greater range and pick up speed. Telelocator Focus/Staff - Amazing utility but too expensive for continued use. Long running worlds that pile purple gems sky high love it, but it generally goes unused otherwise. It could work using a ranking system, i.e. the player requires one socketed gem to be teleported, a mob requires 2 and a boss requires 3. Cat Cap - Provides half the insulation a Winter Cap does while being about the same cost. It should do the same insulation as the Winter Cap because I’d love to use it more since the characters look so adorable in it. Floral Shirt - Provides 240 heat resistance, which is great but it only lasts 12 days in the 15 day summer you’d use it in. It should spoil in 20 days to last as long as a default summer. Strident Trident - One of a kind and awesome utility but that’s about it. Axe damage on land and dark sword damage on the sea. Dark sword damage is great, but it’s so ridiculously expensive that there is no reason to use it as a weapon. It should do 51 damage on land and 85 or even 102 (all multiples of 34) damage on the sea. The durability could do with an increase too. For a weapon forged from the knowledge of the Crab King and three Gnarwails it’s sadly underwhelming. That’s all I have in my head and my notes right now, these aren’t listed in any order but if the Night Light and Deck Illuminator especially stay the way they are I will steal the opals from all of your archives. Please tell me what you think and if there are any other items that you believe deserve another look at by Klei.
  6. Absolutely. There’s nothing fun about only having one Walrus Camp in your world, it doesn’t make me think I have to work around it and add challenge. The walking cane is such an important and almost integral item that missing it would ruin a world for me. I’ve rolled back just to make sure either me or friends don’t miss it because we got unlucky world gen and unlucky drop rates. It’s not just walking canes either, with the addition of Wanda a while back, tusks are even more needed in high supply. Now that they’ve made Deerclops farmable (something I never would have thought they’d add) I could see them making Triple MacTusk guaranteed. As great as this would be, simply making Triple MacTusk guaranteed would take much less effort and can be added in a hotfix, whereas adding a whole new biome could take a whole update like Waterlogged did.
  7. There are new monkeys that’ll raid your boat on the seas, and after killing enough and collecting their cursed trinkets, the player will be transformed into Wonkey. Almost identical to Wilbur except the quadrupedal sprint doesn’t cost more hunger and he can’t befriend monkeys.
  8. Wortox’s group healing is amazing and amassing healing foods is not easy when playing with inexperienced players (i.e. in public lobbies). I feel like people forget that not everyone can solo every raid boss with nothing but a ham bat and inexperienced players make up a bulk of the player base. If I’m playing with less able players and want to go fight a boss, Wortox’s group healing saves so much time and effort. Giving him a 25% speed boost, or any speed boost at all is way too good for simply healing others. Locking such a massive perk to multiplayer would make Wortox very frustrating to play solo too. His group healing is fine where it’s at and any further changes to his character should be directed elsewhere imo.
  9. The moonstorm takes up a whole biome for quite a while and if it lands on your base it’s quite annoying. The only way to make it not land on your base is by living in the Oasis desert (unless they changed it). As someone who disables wildfires I couldn’t bear to base in the Oasis desert and sit through a sandstorm every year just to avoid the moonstorm.
  10. Just regular Soul Hopping, by map they mean the menu in which you see your world, not the world itself. So the huge Soul Hopping should be around the same cost as regular Soul Hopping.
  11. I agree. It seems I put too much of an emphasis on the strength of her books in my post, I really don’t think any of them are “overpowered” or anything. I simply think, in her current state, Wickerbottom doesn’t really incentivise you to explore when she could and it would reward you appropriately for doing so. Adding that extra step to unlock some of her books would make the character much more exciting in my opinion. While it’s not amazing, that’s only because it comes from Walter’s Slingshot, which is not ideal for damage dealing. When comparing the ruins ammo to the other slingshot ammo, it is quite good. I agree, that’s why I only mentioned the 3 in my post, many of them make complete sense to be able to craft early on (Sleepytime Stories, End is Nigh etc). But some of the new ones could be made much more exciting through an unlocking process.
  12. I’ve seen a lot of complaining in and out of the forums about how Wicker’s books are quite strong and may make some features of the game redundant because of their amazing utility (i.e. Summer made very easy via rain book or the plethora of uses for the full moon book). The books, to me, feel like they don’t have any progression incorporated into them, some books are clearly stronger than others, and while their crafting recipe may help to mitigate this, it feels weird that you have access to such strong books just by selecting Wicker. My suggestion is that Wicker should have to “learn” or use a specific workstation to craft a book, as it doesn’t make much sense that she can have all of this knowledge without first learning it. For example, Wicker shouldn’t be able to just summon Grumble Bees without any work, I believe she should have to have at least inspected/seen the Bee Queen first (or have even killed it). The book that spawns fishes could be learned through a “conversation” with Pearl, as Pearl is an avid fisher. The Lunar Grimoire should have to be crafted at one of the Lunar stations, as it is said quite clearly that those stations “speak” or communicate to the characters. Wicker not having any progression in her books feels odd to me, as progression is what keeps the game fresh as you go, you’re unlocking new things to try out instead of having everything available from the get-go. Other characters have this progression in place for similar reasons, Walter has super good slingshot ammo that can only be crafted in the ruins, Wanda has to wait until Winter to one of her best watches, and WX has to jump through tons of spiky, sting-y and hostile hoops to get his modules. Please tell me what you think of this suggestion, since as a console player I can’t speak from the standpoint of someone who has played the beta. Be as critical as you need to be and tell me if you agree or disagree. Afterthought: I’ve just realised that Wicker beginning with all this knowledge could be explained by the deal she may have made with Maxwell when entering the constant, making this suggestion moot from a lore standpoint. However, we haven’t seen the animated short yet so she might have not even made a deal to enter the constant, like Wes or WX.
  13. Have you changed the length of winter or any of the other seasons? Are you on the mainland/on a boat? Were you in the caves when night 30 rolled around? I don’t know completely if all of these affect Deerclops’ spawning but it’s worth a try.
  14. Probably using intimidation. After killing enough of their hounds and lowering their health to ~100 they might cower and become docile, kind of like Woby when you get hit while riding her. At that point you can feed the Varg and something something they’ll be tamed. I don’t know how I’d feel about tameable Vargs but this is how I’d imagine it.