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  1. Toadstool has so much AOE to deal with the spiders that it just wouldn’t be worth trying. Coupled with the fact that there’s quite a bit to think about when fighting Toad to begin with, using spiders would only make the fight more difficult if you want them to be kept alive. Even if you’re dead set on it, his stomp comes out so quick that pulling the spiders back would require you to call them before he starts it, which would be really annoying and stop the spiders from doing any meaningful damage. I’d love to see someone do it anyway though.
  2. The majority of this stuff is years old anyway, so it had little chance of being recycled regardless. I don’t see why a leak specifically would stop them from using anything here though, it’s still good art and interesting ideas.
  3. This happens with a couple other things too, not just feeding creatures in your inventory. It happened to me when I tried to weigh a fish with a pocket scale, but I just assumed it was because I was on a boat and the movement bugged.
  4. I know, I’m just saying it happens with a ton of things in the game. Sometimes when I drop an item it’ll spawn above me and fall. I saw it as less of a bug and more of a way of the game trying to stop some unwanted collisions or something. I’d be happy if it was fixed, ofc
  5. This also happens to me but I’ve never seen it as a bug. It always has looked a bit weird though.
  6. Like Quartz said, rot will always kill butterflies, that’s not a bug. Honey killing them is though, unless it was spoiled. I fed butterflies fresh honey a couple days ago and it worked fine, so check to see if you did anything else that would’ve caused it.
  7. It doesn’t matter which triangle fissure formation you choose I’m pretty sure. And even if it did, how would I know which one to use? As if I get it wrong I can’t remove the altars. I think this is just a bug that needs to be fixed, unless I’m doing something wrong and I’m not realising it.
  8. I’ve also got this issue, I think one of my altars are too close to another one and there just isn’t enough space to place the experiment. Obviously I can’t hammer the altar so idk what to do. I’ve attached an image of what it looks like.
  9. Clicking “View Bolt Chests” comes up with an error message, attached below. I feel I should note that bolt chests are still purchasable in the PlayStation Store, it’s just that this redirect button doesn’t work.