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Can rockets be autmated in Spaced Out?

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I am yet to play Spaced Out though I am considering buying it this Klei fest. One thing which has always confused me, is can you automate rockets in Spaced Out? I am not asking if rockets can work without dupe labour, but can round rocket trips be configured in a way that they keep taking place without the player having to click a few buttons in between.

Let me clarify with an example. I want water from the water planet to be delivered to my main base on a scheduled interval. Do I have to micro-manage each trip myself, or can I set up a fire and forget system where dupes automatically jump into the rocket and pilot it as was the case in base game?

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Yes, the payload launcher is pretty easy to automate, while Rockets are relatively hard. For the rocket you need to automate fueling, loading/unloading, launching, and the same on the other side. For the payload launcher you need radbolts, load it and fire it. And some cooling, but that is it.

You con also do proper regulation loops (for rockets and launcher) were the target requests more of something via Automation Broadcast and Automation Receiver. For longer Ranges, use a range extender rocket: 


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