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Glaciers, Frozen Lands at world's end!

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Greetings, and welcome to this...post! This post is here to introduce the possibly suggested idea for the Glacier biomes! At the edges of the world are where you'll find the Glaciers, the air getting colder as you get near. Home to much flora and fauna surrounded by eternal winter, these islands are here to offer more sailing variety to the world, as well as offer some fascinating rewards. Along with this, these islands are surrounded in eternal winter, meaning Ice will always regenerate on the island.


Yaks are the neutral mobs of the glaciers. Docile and grazing, they'll still impale you if you attack them. They'll drop Meat, Yak Fur, and Yak Horns.

Viking Pigs

Another neutral mob, Viking Pigs spawn from their reinforced homes. They're stronger, counter attacks, and are immune to epic screeching, but take longer to respawn outside of the cold. Wigfrid will have a sort of kinship with them, allowing her songs to work on them.

Snow Spider

More spiders? Yes! These spiders are loners, and tend to burrow around before popping up to attack. Expect two rolls of the standard spider loot.

Snow Golem

An aggressive mob. Slow moving, yet persistent, these ancient sentries patrol the biome for intruders. Though their health is high, they drop a fair bit of Ice and a Golem Core.

Ice Scream

Another aggressive mob that spawns during blizzards, this banshee will stun and drain the sanity of players not wearing Rabbit Earmuffs, before striking twice. It'll drop Ice, but that's about it. It's more meant to be the occasional annoyance.


Hunts on the island never have koalafants in the mix. They'll have mammoths in their place. Mammoths are neutral, but will still pound you into a paste if you're not careful. While they can strike you with their horns, they can also charge and attempt to trample you. Rewards include Mammoth Meat and a Mammoth Tusk.


New items include...

Yak Fur

Fur from a Yak, used to make Yak Carpet. A fluffy carpet that offers winter insulation when stood on. It's not much, but it helps.

Yak Horn

Horns from a Yak. Can be used to make Viking Pig Houses or a Yak Helmet.

Yak Helmet

A ferocious helmet that boosts damage done by 10% while offering the same protection as a Football Helmet.

Golem Core

This core can be mashed together with a Slurtle Shell to freeze it and increase its defensive capabilities. It'll lower your speed slightly, but you'll take half the durability damage while hiding in it and offers increased durability.

Mammoth Meat

It's like Meat, only more filling and offering 1.5 Meat Value in a crock pot.

Mammoth Tusk

This can be made into a War Horn, which offers an AoE buff for allies when blown, granting a 10% damage boost for 1 minute.


Well, that's my take on the frozen biome of the sea. Even if it doesn't make it in, I still hope we can get more sea variety in the future.

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