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Need help with Spriter. Making a custom badge.

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I am making a custom badge, but for some reason it appears invisible.


Here is my spriter file:



In my badge widget:

Badge._ctor(self, nil, owner, { 70 / 255, 112 / 255, 29 / 255, 1 }, "status_soul", nil, nil, true)


self.circleframe:GetAnimState():SetPercent("frame", 0.2)

I named the compiled zip file status_soul, and put it in my mod's anim folder

Anyone know why it appears invisible in-game?

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i was messing around with badge widgets recently, this sounds dumb but have you tried playing the animation?

self.circleframe:GetAnimState():PlayAnimation("frame") or something similar.

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Oh my god I finally got it to work.

I renamed the animation in spriter to "frame", but it still didn't work

but then when I added a new "idle" animation, for some reason that causes it to work (even though idle isn't being used)

spriter is 10/10

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