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Dust Moth Dens Are Too Rare

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I wrote about my experience farming Thulecite via the Dust Moth Dens here.

Annoyed at the process, I've looked into the code some more and found the spawn chance for the dens.

As per maze_layouts.lua, those hallway rooms have a 7% chance for a den to spawn while those fancy dead end rooms have a 24% chance to spawn. The dead end rooms look like this btw:



I think the spawn rates should be much higher for hallway rooms and slightly higher for the dead end rooms.

From what I've noticed, the dust moth dens can end up being rather rare in the hallway rooms, even for worlds with a big archive biome, which has a lot of hallways. I do see the odd dust moth den in the dead end rooms, but those are more limited in their frequency since there are less than a handful of them even in big archive biomes, so a little bump in their spawn rate doesn't hurt.

I want to say 14% for mothden_area_low and 34% for mothden_area_high would be better, but I don't know how much of an impact it would have on the world gen since I don't fully understand how the game pieces the rooms together.

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