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Bramble husk is great, let's discuss other wormwood's crafts.

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Living Log: Never felt like there's something not right here. Costs health which isn't that easy to restore without wortox synergy. Everyone can benefit, simple, very solid.


Bramble Husk: After buffs it's nice, availability, and how long it lasts feels like it's part of him it really feels that wormwood isn't just a living log machine, he's now a living log, and bramble husk machine. Though Wormwood's health is precious and normally you don't want to tank so you'd go with better options like night armor's 95% dmg reduction.

If I were to suggest something that would make it a considerable choice at any point in the game I'd suggest some blooming synergy with the husk. It would fire spikes when blooming wormwood attacks. If extra 23 damage on every attack is OP then it could deal less damage this way or still deal as much but less frequently. It could even be available during any blooming stage but the damage or frequency would increase with stages.  


Compost Wrap: What it does do? 1. Fertilizes, 2. It's healing wormwood, 3. Triggers/Extends blooming.

1. Fertilizing

I don't know how could I explain it but
I wouldn't use it for fertilizing when I can get one kelp, ash, and reusable bottle then put it into the water for almost 1.5 days to get 160 formula value versus 24.
It consumes 16 compost value to be crafted and provides 24 but compost bins make it very easy to obtain compost value out of almost anything, even logs.
It requires 5 poops which are 40 manure value vs 24.
Most of the time you don't need all 3 nutrients at once so it's natural it feels like a waste.
I'm not saying those values need to change but I'm no fan of using it as fertilizer since I can just plant vegetables in combination which requires 0 nutrients.

2. It's healing

Poop and C4-filled pieróg feels good when you can't normally heal but the animation is long so it's risky in a boss fight. Due to this, I'd rather resolve to use healing salves or honey poultices when Wurt ally and merm king are available. I'd say both wrap and salves are as easy to obtain but salves are the slightly better choice for being able to be used more safely in combat. While looking for an out-of-combat healing siesta lean-to is a go-to source of health considerably cheaper than wrap due to 6 uses.

3. Blooming

One use of wrap is as good as one use of formula, it's easier to make a formula that has 5 uses. The only time I happen to use it for blooming is the very early game for a speed boost when I don't plan a short ocean trip for bottle and kelp. The Super Growth Formula is superior when it comes to taking care of blooming. To not make one better than another I'd suggest wrap slowing bloom decay for a day or two so the formula can still be used as the main method of extending bloom but wrap would help in maintaining it at a lower formula cost if used together.


Suggestion: Bramble aura:  
If my suggestion where husk fires after blooming wormwood attacks came true I'd like compost wrap to cause wormwood to share this effect for 2 minutes with nearby husk users. 


Bramble Trap: Only purpose is fending off hound waves. Tooth traps are better for spider farming unless you're luring spiders groups yourself but then a weapon would be better than bramble traps.
Multiple times I've encountered suggestions that those should reset when blooming wormwood walks by them which I'd agree with.
Though varglets made them more obsolete. Hound waves aren't overwhelmingly difficult due to the enemy's strength in numbers anymore. Yet you're supposed to deal more damage than before since varglets are tankier than hounds. 15 traps to take down one, the aoe aspect got less effective in face of new waves so it's much better to finish varglet off using a weapon.
I can't pinpoint what makes me turn away from it. Is it the cost? Is it how it's just how husk and dark sword feel more effective? Is it all of it? The time taken to reset them is one of those things for sure.

Bramble trap rework idea:
Increased activation range, now it's capable of pulling and immobilizing medium-sized enemies, knights, hounds, pigs. spiders etc. for example cannot trap anything like rook or vargling. Trapped enemies will do nothing but try to attack the trap once trapped, they will set themselves free after 3 attacks but they will take 12 damage each time.
Should make it easy to get some 1v1 time with varglet.


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I like the idea of bramble traps rooting mobs but if it were to be implemented it should be a new advanced trap i think. That way it could also be made to work on bigger mobs. 

regular bramble traps rooting enemies could mean the first wave of mobs to crash into the traps would get stuck on the first line of traps and not get killed etc.

For bramble traps to do their job the entire group of mobs has to run through all the traps at the same time. They have to die at the same time (in the same aoe) or they wont die at all. 

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13 hours ago, NoodlemanNed said:

oh thank god, i wouldnt want my completely harmless critter getting stuck in my own bramble traps!

Critters like butterflies already don't activate them

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I think wormwood should just have multiple traps.

Bramble Trap is fine, it's a bit slow to activate with its small radius, but overall it is fine.

New traps:

Spiny Bind Trap - Roots an smaller sized enemy. (For medium enemies a Slow effect will temporarily take place, for large enemies these will be ignored)

Fire Nettle Trap - Causes a Damage debuff similar to Abigails Petal effect.

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