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Everybody do the drawing!

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Hi! No questions, no answers, just make it straight - everybody who wants to, let's draw! Let's draw anything that is linked to our precious game Don't Starve! And no things like "oooh i can't draw"! Just go to Ms Paint, Pencil madness or anything like this and draw! :D every art, picture or image is fine here.


Raven crow, Millenium and Mad Potatoes and Science machine I love ya! I love ya all!

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Alright. This is MS paint right. The Jackalope is a little bit pikachu-like. ^^

Are you kidding meh?! It took me about 15 minutes to make! :p

You can clearly see it's not MS Paint! :D

About Jackalope - yeah, i wanted to make him more brown... ish... It's so much different when it's zoomed in.

I don't have a scanner (at least not working) so I can't upload my true power... erhm.. I mean drawing talent...

it's actually "Pencil Madness" sketch tool

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