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  1. Can't believe how anyone can be such a ******.

  2. So... Yeah... I had a world with 40 days! I am so awesome...*reads other posts*OH GOD! 10H MARATHONS! NERDS! NERDS EVERYWHERE!j/k love ya guys
  3. OBJECTIONHe is always the same size! He is just more and more visible to the player!
  4. So, you think that you are so cool with these colors huh?TOPIC: I think that the only characters that I want would be -Woodie (tree abilities) -Wallace (incredible insanity) The rest of characters are just non-realistic.
  5. Oh god... the only living being that could reply to him was a dinosaur...
  6. Can I join it? RP Character Name: Wuffy Puffy.Race: Hound.Looks Like: Cute little baby hound.Backstory: His friends murdered by Wilson, ran away from home (hound mound), now wandering around the world.Personality: Cute and smart.Ability: Can be stealth, because he is so small; can steal things from the chests and from sleeping people.
  7. I never saw anything like this before o.O devs trolling us? Or You trolling us with hacks/mods?
  8. Are you kidding meh?! It took me about 15 minutes to make! You can clearly see it's not MS Paint! About Jackalope - yeah, i wanted to make him more brown... ish... It's so much different when it's zoomed in. I don't have a scanner (at least not working) so I can't upload my true power... erhm.. I mean drawing talent... it's actually "Pencil Madness" sketch tool
  9. I made this art in about 10 minutes! I didn't know I am so bad at drawing Well... on computer at least.
  10. Hi! No questions, no answers, just make it straight - everybody who wants to, let's draw! Let's draw anything that is linked to our precious game Don't Starve! And no things like "oooh i can't draw"! Just go to Ms Paint, Pencil madness or anything like this and draw! every art, picture or image is fine here. Ps Raven crow, Millenium and Mad Potatoes and Science machine I love ya! I love ya all!