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  1. Underground Puzzle

    Guys! Guys!maybe they will add ships or boats!!! ERMAGHERD
  2. [SPOILERS] The Rook

    I lol'd.erm... anyway... I think you guys should know this... I was kidding...
  3. [SPOILERS] The Rook

    And now devs say that it will NOT be implemented to the game. :okay:
  4. [SPOILERS] The Rook

    oh god i can't! I can't read this fast!
  5. Oh... who is the genius now

    1) Make a hundred of the same lists in other threads2) Everybody thinks you are funny.3) At some point it's not funny anymore4) It's anoying5) ???6) Profit!
  6. A little bit of Paradise

    so beautiful
  7. Name Tags!

    Darkentro, the main source of annihilation and destruction and cute kitties .
  8. Really important!

    Shouldn't they like... oh I don't know... READ WIKI? Or just SEARCH for stuff... Not spamming the forum.And I thought normal people are on this forum.I was wrong.
  9. Really important!

    Look. It's really important for me and for some people too to not spam the forum.
  10. I was reading all the threads looking for tips and trying to help people with their problems. But c'mon! I see a thread: "AEWWW GAAAWD!!!111 WHat Iss Naxvel door and Hooow too activeta teleportatoes!!! WUT ARE DeesE HUNDS AT NIGHT ANd MoonsteRZ!!!???!?!!111 HALPX!!! TTT__TTT" Ok... Sure... I link the wiki page, try to tell him what is the difference. OKAY! Then I see thread like this: "AAWEWWW GGGGAWWD!!!!111 VAT AER DESE hanDs Dat r ApEarring on da nit And WWAt Are THESE METUL Tingz in DA werld?? IMMMM SCUUURD T_T" Well...Ok... I link the wiki page, cry a little bit about his grammar and tell him what are these hands. Suddenly I see a thread looking like this: "ERMAGHERD VuT r deese strang MONsterz in da shAdowz and DEESE HANDS AND OMG IM SCURD! T_T :* ;D anyway what ys de difrence between teleportatosss and maxxwel dor??? ; )))))" ... ... ... ... OH MY GOD! I SEND A WIKI LINK, RAGE A LITTLE BIT (yeah sure) AND I AM TELLING HIM THAT HE CAN USE "SEARCH" OPTION! AAARGH! BRWELELREPEpfhelsheslfn.... aruruahg... Okay... Calm down buddy... It's just a forum... ..."ERMAGHERD THESE HANDS ARE JUS..." ...Is he alive? Alright wake him up... ...So... If you want to make another thread about hands, teleportato or other crap that we were talkig about - DON'T DO IT! Try to search your problem first, maybe other people had the same. Even if you want to "discuss it", you can do it on ONE THREAD! You are not a special, super person (I am sorry) that is everybody interested about. So... yeah... Have a nice day... AND **** YOU *******S! >
  11. Can't believe how anyone can be such a ******.

  12. A solution to boring nights / tip thread

    In night I ALWAYS make my chests look good, prepare my food, make new tools, sing to birds and poo on the carpet and... ermm... yeah...
  13. Whats your record?

    So... Yeah... I had a world with 40 days! I am so awesome...*reads other posts*OH GOD! 10H MARATHONS! NERDS! NERDS EVERYWHERE!j/k love ya guys