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Idea: Add WX's Overload Back

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I'm thinking a time limited overload mode where WX gets more charge slots would be really fun. It would bring much more flexibility to the character.

System Overload tweak: WX gains two extra charge slots upon strike by lightning (charge himself from lightning post/ generator) and enter a short period of overload mode. 

    During System overload, unplugging circuits doesn't decrease WX's energy level, but brings more damage to the circuits (consumes more durability on unplug).

    A timer would replace the charge slots, by which end, WX loses all the overload charges (or maybe all charges) and circuits plug on the extra charge slots get dropped automatically.

    Downside: WX goes into a Low Battery stage for one in game day, where only a max of four charges will be working, and cannot re-enter overloading during the period.

The amount of overloaded time he gains could imitate his old ability where the first one or two lightning charges provide WX with a day of overload (or lower the time to half a day since it is quite easy to charge him now) and each add-on charge during overload mode adds decreasing amount of time to the timer.

For the circuit, they are really well designed, I don't think there's much to change. Just, maybe some needs a little tune down if WX gets more slots.

Unrelated to the topic, don't give WX damage multiplier circuit of any kind. We have enough of battle themed characters.  I like the current rework as how WX is focused on more utilities.

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I really would love for system overload to come back. It was WX's most unique feature. System overload giving two bonus fuse slots sounds really neat. I don't think you should obtain overload from generators or lightning rods (as they are normal charge stations). Maybe WX could act like a lightning rod, preventing fire as it strikes him.

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