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Wigfrid suggestion

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In the last QoL woodie got a buff out of nowhere, and now wurt did aswell.

I wanted to request a little change to wigfrid, if there is the possibility that this becomes an addition.

Rather than pointing out some underwhelming battlesongs i want to point out a mechanic with her inspiration meter itself.

Currently wigfrid gets a very minimal ammount of inspiration when attacking normal enemies but a lot of inspiration when fighting bosses.

The ammount of inspiration when fighting small enemies is so small that by the time you have enough inspiration to cast a song youve already killed most of the foes.

This normally happens in hound waves where you want to use songs that help against many, like the startling siloquoy, but because wigfrid's weapon can 3 shot hounds you pretty much have no time or inspiration to use her ability.

There are many things with wigfrid like the underwhelming battlesongs like falsetto, but i just felt like pointing this one out since its so annoying when i want to use a battlesong that will be useful in a situation where there are many enemies, only to never be able to use it because of this dumb mechanic where you get pretty much no inspiration from these battles

Conclusion: Please increase the amount of inspiration wigfrid gets from fighting normal enemies

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I recendly gave Wigfrid a go for the first time and this is what irked me too.


Outside of boss combats you don't get to use any songs, she's like a regular character. Also degenerates the inspiration VERY fast. Not sure how to solve it but still.

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I was incredibly disappointed with the Wigfrid rework, she should’ve gotten an AoE spear sweep knock back attack that she can spin around in a circle with the spear to scatter enemies and push them backward- She even has several vignettes that point to having additional abilities with her spears.. unfortunately what we ended up getting was a rework that most of the community felt and I quote

“Wigfrid is fine as is.” 

Since then.. my 2nd favorite character went from 2nd favorite down to like 5th.. and why? Because while Wigfrid remained mostly the same.. you got cool perks with Webber/Wes/and now WX78.

I even liked Wolfgang’s rework more than I did My gal Wigfrids.

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