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  1. As a matter of fact i would totally do ocean bases or megabases if they would provide a way to upgrade boats to platforms that would take up 4 tiles and can be interconnected so that you walk on them as you would on land. There are other games like Raft i think where the boat is organically extended by platforms. In my view this would be a great option to counter summer.
  2. Rivers force you to develop in a line or a couple of lines and its very annoying to hop boats. Lakes or islands you can surround with trees allow for a base that you can use as usual. Or supplement with one flingo and get a big area
  3. This is what i expect will happen. Getting tens of thousands of spools for a few bucks makes everything sold by klei useless. And even if their tax is 10% on trades, 10% on a few bucks is also useless.
  4. Gears are not an issue in long term worlds, the issue is that even in a 1k days world where you have stacks of everything snd access to everything you still have your hands tied behind your back when it comes to basing.
  5. Cookie cutter helm is one of the worst items in game, its only use as of now is saving some time in pearl quest by using green amus and staves to duplicate them. But even this is marginally useful.
  6. I first considered opening this in suggestions boards but this is not a single suggestion, more like a meta discussion. The game forces you to base in oasis or do ugly looking tricks with lureplants and flingos. Theres also the option to fish for worlds with ponds to strategically place big trees but it takes a very long time to find such a generation. On top of that, flingos not only make the base ugly, they are a pain to fuel over and over. Some suggestions i have are: Drastically increase the tank of flingos so you can fuel them once per summer (i expected this in qol update). Allow flingos to be disguised into other structures using the dust thing or some other way. Allow for mooncaller staff to stop wildfires. This would make sense because it lowers temperature and things catch fire because they get too hot. This would also solve the abundance of mooncaller staves in the endgame. Most important one: ALLOW FOR FIREPROOF SIGNS. Using scaled chests is a great way to use unpotected space but you cant set up your storage like that because signs burn. Either allow for some treatment on signs (goop or sonething rare) or allow moonstone signs or thulecite or something THAT DOES NOT BURN. I hope others add some suggestions but please fix the summer headache.
  7. Default but forcing triple mc because *** dumb rng Oh and forcing only one decidous because again, **** rng
  8. Because Wanda is by far the best character if played by a very experienced player, outclassing any other chars. Now, this is not necessarily an issue because very few are experienced enough to play her right, most streamers fail to do it, let alone regular players. She has huge damage and saves so much time with porting around AND with no need for cooking at all except excess meat to stew. No need for sanity foods, you just want to stay insane early game, you chug raw meat or cooked monster meat. You dont need to cook healing food. 2 clocks are enough to keep you alive, 3 or more for some bosses. No need for living logs, just nfuel and fights with ncreatures are trivial because of range. Range helps so much and helps keeping you safe in so many encounters. She has a slow start because ruin rushing needs you to get stacks of thul pieces and you waste a lot of winter hunting mctusks, but after the port system is in place you just consistently save days every season, which also means better food efficiency, less lightbulbs used etc.
  9. Got a new mid-high range PC. Moved my saves from my absolute potato laptop to the new desktop. I can not load my long term world (1.2k days), i get "out of memory" message. I disabled all mods (all of which WERE running on the potato laptop) and the problem persists. I can create a new world with the said mods and i can join any public servers.