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Moonstorm Audio and Visual Problems

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During the Moonstorm, you get an overlay with a storm on your face and lightning effects and music volume is lowered drastically. Now that's a cool effect and all but it kinda damages gameplay.

Moonstorm makes music almost impossible to hear

While an effect for diminishing sound during some heavy storm blowing dust all over your face and bringing you otherworldly enlightenment is pretty cool, the effect is taken too extremely. The only way I could ever listen to Wagstaff's theme is by getting the luck of the static spawning by the edge of a storm, or listening really really closely. I bet some people don't even know Wagstaff has a theme at all because of this! I think the music being lowered a bit is fine for the Moonstorm but it definitely shouldn't be as extreme as it is right now.

Moonstorm's overlay makes it hard to see UI

This is the biggest problem out of the two. It's impossible for me to even enter a Moonstorm and equip Desert Goggles without putting my mouse over it before entering the Moonstorm because the overlay covers everything and I already have terrible vision to begin with! 

Just take a look at this!


I believe the overlay should be made slightly more transparent or at least made not to appear over UI because as it stands it's very detrimental.

The sandstorm in the Desert also has this problem but it's certainly not as bad. Could use with not making it appear over UI though.


Do let me know what you think of my potential solutions and how are your experiences with the Moonstorm's and Sandstorm's effects.



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4 hours ago, Well-met said:

client settings for a gameplay debuff? Doesn't make any sense.

we can however ask klei to tweak it altogether

i said client settings because personally i would like it to be the way it is now, it doesn't bother me.

i wouldn't like them to be like 50% more transparent then they are now or barely visible or to not cover the player's inventory because it isn't immersive to me.

so it makes sense for them to make it an option for people to choose between since these effects are purely client based stuff.

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