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Klei servers randomly disappearing from server list

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Title, but I just wanted to ask because a cursory google search didn't really give me any answers. Is there a reason this happens? Are they just spotty or is my server browser just not working correctly?


thanks in advance

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1 minute ago, nimzowitsch10 said:

is there a server in particular you're looking for? As far as I know all the official pub servers are up and running.

no its just that sometimes I'll try and join for an example, rabbit trap, and it'll just be gone no matter how many times i refresh and then randomly it'll show up 30 minutes later.

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In case you don't know, OP, each time KLei releases DST updates (even small, bug-fixing ones), all their official servers are wiped off clean - it seems they don't have a save function attached atm, or is more convenient for KLei to have them set like that. Also there's the classic situation with Survival pubs: they naturally don't survive much, usually going a bit into 1st Winter before some random Wilson dies and resets it all. And lastly, since some time ago, most dedicated servers crash - and here it comes to mind the recurrent "CURL ERROR: (login.kleientertainment.com) [28]Operation too slow. Less than 5 bytes/sec transferred the last 60 seconds" issue plaguing servers for almost 1 year now. Oh, likewise certain actions (teleporting Boat Platforms on top of Glommer Statue for example - don't ask me how is done, I've only seen it 2ice and don't know its details; exploding hundreds of Stone Fruits, releasing hundreds of bees in one area full of adjacent entities with health component like Walls, etc) can intentionally crash servers.

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