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Polluted water keep disappearing with different games

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Over time i keep noticing my polluted water slowly disappear. I am doing small water room for the bathroom so I can recycle the water plus before keep my own supply fresh air going. I am playing on frozen forest with frozen core. The polluted water is around 30's-40's F temp. In the past with classic I never had this issue but in space out I watch polluted water slowly disappear. The only thing I figure out is releasing polluted air and that is making the polluted water disappear. I even have a cold slush vent that seem very slow in filling up a water storage area. It does 5 k/g of polluted water. Normal water does not look like it disappearing. For the polluted water disappearing, I have done a few different games to notice the polluted water disappearing. any ideas or suggestion to help.

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Do you have a picture of it? Yes, polluted water off-gases to polluted oxygen at a rate of 1:1. If you don't want it off-gassing, you need to have pressure above 1.8kg above it or have a layer of water on top of polluted water

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