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  1. I had to wait about 10 or so cycles before it hit 219 F and allow me to finish the rocket. Need the higher temp so rocket was at 210 F Still trying to play with Co2 vent. Had to pump the other gases out to hit higher temp with steel pump. Still seeing if it will heat the water. Also had to change design for piping. Co2 upper part of the room is between 240 F 324F. Co2 vent temp is 906 F. If the room is tall enough temps will not be an issue. Already found out with a steam vent. Finally got the steam done for the rocket and wanted to air out my room, steam in space was pretty nice picture.
  2. Start new map, now having nothing but issues with steam in insulated pipes to fill my rocket. All the hot air vents are near or in the oil biome. The 2 cool steam vents are also close to the bottom of the map. I started with igneous rock normal, then change to insulated granite and ceramic pipes. My steam room is 214 F time it hit the pipes, down to 212 F. time the steam gets to the rocket the steam temp is 206 F. Last game pulled off a normal steam vent at very long distance with insulated walls through winter biome without breaking vent pipes. This game the pipes are in space and the temp has big drop off. I have enough steam for 2 rocket trips but losing all my steam from pipes breaking. From cold damage. there is Co2 vent close by but still waiting on it, 35 cycles before do something. Strange in how my transformers will overheat in space while my steam insulated pipes break from cold damage. Using the old building for the steam room, average temp in there is 324F. Redid the walls, added metal blocks with tempshift plates which leads up and out to some metal blocks for heat. Water coming in is 187 F, tempshift plates from 207 F in the water to 217 F by the air pump. Some titles around 220F, metal blocks exposed to space/direct light sits around 224F. I have 5 storage bins full of space rock that was around 324 F, some was over 400 F. The rocket only has 97 Kg of steam at 206 F
  3. Slime lung is bad. I was looking at some of my food I made. In the freezer at 30 F and the room having issues cooling down in Co2 room. Food ration box is 32 F and sterile but have 1400 slime lung on frost bun. I have path heading down almost to oil area. The tunnel is long down with over 3,000 k/g pressure of Co2 and watch slime lung grow over 20,000 of slime lung. This tunnel was left alone over 30 cycles. My save game I posted should have the tunnel. The polluted air marsh down that tunnel is under 16,000. There is area above polluted water with zero slime lung. Also have mechanical door in Co2 that has over 5,000 slime lung while the Co2 is under 500 slime lung. It says -13% decay per cycle but -1 point per sec. This is getting pointless to play until fix. Not playing survival mode.
  4. Filters should be only select from the player not a default anything eat that type. If I am farming a critter type and if get others that I do not want, some are very hard to attack or wraggle like voles. Rimworld I have not found conflicted traits. Now there is penalties for using items or effects. Here is few stupid things that dupes were doing. I had ladder building an insulated tile in cold biome. Walled it self in the cold biome and froze to death. Another time building tiles to tame a copper volcano and walled it self next to the volcano. Had ladders outside the walls. It over pressured/blocked by not mining to exposing it. Another time was running through volcano after cooling with steam over 1200 F for a non sweep item seed. For food I lost a lot of calories from 450,000 calories to under 200,00 calories from food decay. Co2 atmosphere around 20 F.
  5. There is a few issues I found that no one has posted since the new content came out. 1. Critter feeders filters. 2. Negative/positive traits. 3. Work priority 4. food decay in cold area 5. Slime lung grows in wrong gases 6. Dupes are being very stupid like the AI is messed up Explaining.... 1. Critters feedings are all messed up. I did hatch and hatchling filters, when I checked again, all hatch morphs was checked. I just did fish feeder and fought with the game over the filters. I did Pacui and babies with meal lice seeds. First time it cleared all filters, again click on the same fish. Checked again all fish type checked. I choose seed type then all fish got seed type. Very annoying that game will not do what I want. 2. Negative/positive traits. Nice with all new traits but too many conflicts on dupes. Like the handy trait but cannot do any building errands. Another one was Gourmet and then Kitchen menace. Needs better system for traits. Rimworld is good example 'playing with fire' blocks 'firefighting job'. If you have negative or positive stat(s) the opposite is blocked, not both like dupes are getting now. 3. Work priority is messed up. Default 5 setting get almost nothing done. Digging is ok at 5 but everything else at 5 nothing is done. I had stuff at 8 and 9 and still was slow to stuff. I even put stuff on yellow alert in the middle of the base and took half cycle before someone did the work. I watched for a few cycles to see them start work then nothing happens for more cycles. Like building. I go to all the build sites but no one is there. I have mark 4 dupes very priority on the priority tab. 4. Food decay in cold area. I made a freezer with cold plants and insulated tiles. The freezer is between 8 f to 20's F depends on what side for temp. I still get food decay even without refrigerated warning. In normal terms, food should be frozen at that cold. I seen rotten food turn to pollute dirt at these cold levels. 5. I have areas that is pure Oxygen to pure Co2 and watch slime lung survive for many cycles, gas pressure over 500 k/g. I watched it slowly move through my colony in pure Oxygen. I have 2 coal and wood burner in swamp biome, Co2 in 1000+ k/g with no pollute oxygen or other gas and slime lung in the 1000's...that area been like for 100 cycles. On one map, I put sandstone title against slime title.The sandstone tile got slime lung in it and start growing and moving around. 6. Since fresh air update my dupes are very stupid now. If they are carrying something and shift change, they drop everything and run off which makes even more work. I trying to build an area for natural gas power plants. I watch die from lack air as they run around confused.Before the dupes try to run through many non powered doors which was more far away into my base than swamp biome with explored ruins. I have a ladder that goes to swamp biome with ruin that been unlocked and explored. I watched my run into pollute air with slime lung as they run past ruin door with no slime lung.