Shovel and Digging - Let us hold alt or control to pick while still holding it

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Like the title said, let us hold alt or control to pick first before digging something up. That would be a major improvement to the shovel and controls in general. Its really tedious to constantly have to unequip and reequip it over and over in between berry bushes and what not.

So far this is my only complaint about the game and imo its fairly major as its really really tedious and far too "fiddly" for me to constantly equip and unequip over and over and over and over and over.

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I agree with with holding a key to dig. I'm not liking switching tools constantly. I actually just stopped doing that and started digging them up once I had enough planted around my camp. Or maybe make the item go into your inventory once the plant is dug up.

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I agree with Ribkage, as this is a concern that has been raised before. God knows I've dug up more than my fair share of berry bushes that were ripe with berries for the picking. And then there were cases where I remembered and played around with unequipping/equipping the shovel to pick said berries first. It was a pain. So yes, I would agree to either it being a key, plus mouse click, or maybe just have it that when you simply click on a berry bush it harvest berries, but if you click and hold it digs up the bush. Either or.

As for extra slots... I'm against cluttering the screen with anything unnecessary if the same task can be resolved another way, as Ribkage suggested.

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