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  1. I too have noticed "Darkness will be HEAR Soon." and my tender grammatical sensibilities are similarly outraged. Outraged, I say! Okay not really. Would be great to have correct Engrish in the game, however. Bump for grammatical justice!
  2. Even in the untamed wilds of the Canajun tundra, "pickup" is not a verb. Thanks for posting, folks.
  3. Possibly have two tool equipment slots, and toggle between the primary and secondary by pressing shift/alt/M2?
  4. I agree that backpacks would be a great addition. Inventory management is fine in the early game, but becomes a nightmare after you've set up and some more advanced materials are introduced. How about this? Expanded equipment slots for a secondary tool and two bags. One would be a backpack and the other would be some kind of pouch. Secondary tool would be accessed through right clicking, and the bags would open an additional inventory window on the right side of the screen (or wherever). The bags might have several craftable tiers. Tiers could progress through the materials available, from grass/rope to beefalo hair/beefalo rope, and up to silk. Each additional tier would add say 2 bag spaces over the previous one.
  5. Hey, peoples. Bought the game on Steam last night and I'm enjoying it so far, but one grammatical thing is slightly annoying me, and that is the use of "Pickup" as an action word when mousing over some interactive objects. Strictly speaking, the phrase that should be used is "Pick up [item]," while "pickup" is more correctly applied to describe an object that has been picked up. Thanks for reading. Grammar police rolling out.
  6. While I agree with the suggestions, I would also add that a greater variety of items would also make inventory space much more scarce. Maybe supplement all this stuff with a craftable backpack or several backpacks that add additional inventory tabs?