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The name of the thread rhymed so I thought it would be a cute title, but it’s no secret that the console experience be with DST with a PlayStation or Xbox Controller can sometimes feel “off” or not as comfortable to the player as it should be.

I will now use another game as a referencing point, mostly because I had a lot to do with it during its development/patch cycles- State of Decay 2 is my favorite zombie game- and when the game first came out it had different controls to what it has now, however.. for me the changes done with the newer controls weren’t as comfortable as the original controls for example: They changed the way Crouch, Toggle Flash Light Etc worked.. Eventually the devs for the game got smart and added a BUTTON MAPPING option to the game so the players could set the way each action is performed to the button/buttons of their personal liking- for example I think with their Rebuild they changed the way you toggled the lights on your car, and in the newer controls what used to toggle the lights now instead honked the vehicles horn- anyone who was use to toggling the lights the old way would then alert every zombie in the neighborhood.

Button Mapping allowed the player to pick each individual action and choose pressing what did what.. 

For example- if I don’t like the way the new Craft UI moves me out of my backpack inventory when I press the Analog stick left or up: I can change those buttons to be LT to access pinned favorites tab, and Hold LT to open the full Menu.

For State of Decay 2 each button could be configured to your preference such as: You could choose if tapping B would put you into crouch mode and you’d automatically stay crouched until tapping B again or if you needed to hold down RB and you only stayed crouched until you let go of RB.

Button Mapping is god send QOL for console gamers because instead of just having to “Accept” the changes the devs do to the Controller input functions, you can set them up to your own personal comfort.

This would be an absolutely massive QoL for players who use controllers.. please consider making this happen- Gif added:



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