Suggestion: we need pets!!!!

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Not a bad idea, but they could also make just some animals that you can tame. Your task after that is, to take care of your new little friend and feed him and play and clean him..that would be great. And he could also help to kill other evil things like the piggys do. But you can only have one pet at a time. :D

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Skills? i think that would not be a good idea in this game. The only "skill" that we should have is our SCIENCE!! :D

All the other things should be items. We just need small medium an large chests and the same for backpacks. I love that crafting and research some new things to build up hehe.

Tame should work with a kind of an item or you just need to feed and visit the same animal over hmm.. 3 days and he will follow you until he dies :( or you could let him free with another item and tame another animal.

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For exemple the egg stolen from thé bird´s nest ou from spider we can feed them then they can help us to find some thing

Well I wouldn't be against a pet. Or a robot butler. As I've seen mentioned in other threads the general line of thought is that tall birds and beefalo could be tamed and turned into mounts, the first allowing for fast travel while the other for carrying extra gear (i.e. chest strapped to its back). Raising rabbits and beefalo for food was also suggested.

IMHO, I think spiders should always be hostile. Those little buggers are vicious!

Right now the pig men are great "hired help". Except when they go rabid...

Granted, we do have a robot as one of the gravedigger items.

That little guy tells me the sweetest lies... like how I'll escape the islands one day. :)

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