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  1. Maybe you could build a little robot to help you with monsters and stuff, that would be really cool and "scientific"!
  2. Or maybe you could trap a firefly in a hat and make it shiny
  3. It would be nice to add a craftable backpack in the game. A lot of time I had my inventory full and I couldn't carry no more items . It would be very cool also to give the possibility to build your own house, in which you shall enter and craft some furniture.
  4. I don't agree, going out in the darkness at night must remain dangerous and creepy.
  5. Thank you very much, it would be very funny to play with another friend!
  6. The first time I died (Only day 2 ), I just wanted to see what would happen if I walked in the darkness. Well, it didn't happen a nice thing lol
  7. Hi, I just bought the game and it's really fantastic! The art and the graphic really remember me of the Tim Burton's films like A Nightmare before Christmas. I gave my second key to my best friend and he's also enjoying it! So I would like to make a few questions and suggestions. 1- Shall we see in the future an online mode? 2-<will the game constantly updated also after the finish of the beta (like Minecraft)? I really hope so!