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premier gardeneer hat QOL nutrient view

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shortly put, the premier gardeneer hat is a must if you want to mass farm anything, but personally I have some trouble with seeing the amount of nutrients even with it, my suggestion is add a feature that makes it so when you have an item selected to "fertilize plot" the plots will ONLY show that nutrient (IE: if you have selected fertilize plot with manure it will only show the red ones, if you wave rot selected only the yellow ones, and growth formula it would only show the blue ones, this would make it a lot easier to clearly see how much of said nutrient is in that plot, (items that give multiple nutrients would show all of them, as well as showing all when you are not actively selecting an item) on top of this, I'd like a feature where while wearing the hat the player will say something when the plot has been filled to capacity with a given nutrient (IE: wormwood could say "friends not hungry", and wendy could say "it would be a waste of resources" when fertilizing a plot that's already full of that nutrient

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