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Hound Wave Suggestion

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Alright, here's a suggestion for hound waves.

Personally, I believe one of the flaws of the waves is how detached their occurrences are from player action outside of entering and exiting the caves. Basically, I believe that the player has too little agency in when hound waves can happen.  So, I was just talking around and had a simple suggestion that I think would make them more bearable later and give a player a reason to hunt down vargs....

If the player kills a varg, it delays the next hound wave, pretty simple really (on paper).

Not only would this actually add a method for players to have more agency over the waves themselves, but it would also add a reason to hunt down vargs and kill them, loot for them might still be of interest, but having this world-influencing reward would be very interesting to see.

Maybe their spawn chance could be influenced by how close you are to a wave so that you don't get a bunch of ewecus when trying to hunt down the varg, I dunno.

Lemme know what you guys think, I guess.


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Seems fair in that if they've killed a Varg, the player has already dealt with hounds recently.

...hound waves start to just feel annoying later game when you've gone through too many to count, so I'd like to see this happen just to lessen that effect. More could be done to help the situation, but it's a start.

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