Saplings and grass tufts worth more than gold?

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Don't get me wrong, I'm excited I found a very easy way to get science points but it seems a little odd to me that the plants I can dig up 30 a day of are worth more than a nugget of gold in the science machine. I'm getting 20 points a plant for them.

O and I sometimes forget to close my chest when I leave my camp and the menu remains open. Could the chest maybe close on it's own when you go a certain distance away? Or at least the chest interface.

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Yeah the dug up grasses and such give too many points. Though if you research too many of them you may end up with a shortage of that plant. Also agreed on the chests, it would be handy if the interfact and chest were closed automatically if say they are no longer on the screen or so.

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This was after I built my farm and when I left my island to gather rocks and flint. I just made sure to have a couple empty inventory spaces and a shovel. It's a little game breaking so I'm done doing it. But I racked up the science points quickly while I did.

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