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Even closer look at WX78 rework

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You know what? It's definitely best to think about something some time after you have a good idea, because over time you may see imperfections in the idea. More than a month ago I posted a post describing my view of the WX78 rework, but I made a huge mistake there - I ALMOST NOT TALKED ABOUT THE REWORK OF WX78 !!! That's why I'm here again to fix my mistake and this time to actually tell you about the WX78 rework. Once again i want to apologise for bad english before I start. Oh, yes! I also wanted you to respect my opinion, and i will respect yours... So... Let's go!

1) Rework of rework of the WX78 upgrade system
In the previous post (if you are curious, you can check it out: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/136752-my-view-and-expectations-on-wx-78-rework/) only in the first point I talked about changes to our favorite robot. I will briefly summarize what was in the previous post:

The WX78 would have the ability to create upgrades with parts obtained from Clockwork Pieces, with each upgrade dedicated to each Clockwork would give the WX78 a different ability assigned to that Clockwork:
Clockwork Knight - attack speed, but not movement
Clockwork Bishop - a ranged AoE attack with a long cooldown
Clockwork Rook - a ground strike that would stun enemies for a short time and deal a small amount of damage
After producing an upgrade, it could be further developed up to level 5, using gears, parts with appropriate mechanical and electric additions. Upgrades, on the other hand, could be placed by WX in 1 of the 2 slots available for upgrades
Everything is more or less explained in the post's predecessor (link above)

After some time I noticed that it is very imprecise in relation to what WX is able to do at the moment - improving its statistics. With upgrades, the WX78 can become (literally) a Terminator. His stats from average can become the highest in the game, so this is my way of solving the problem:

Instead of 2 upgrade slots, WX now has 4 upgrade slots! Why 4? I will explain it more in a moment. Now a bit about its improvements. Each upgrade has 5 tiers, each of course consuming more resources and will require more and more fun things to be found in order to fully develop the WX78. His New Upgrade List now includes:

 - Reinforced Shell - adds WX78 50 HP with each level (max. 400)
 - Enlarged Chemical Engine - with each level increases the maximum hunger level by 10 points (max. 200)
 - extended CPU - with each level increases the sanity level by 30 points (max. 300)
 - Ecological combustion - with each upgrade reduces WX78 hunger decrease by 4% (max. 20%)
 - World Domination module - with each improvement, it increases the passive regeneration of sanita by 5 points per minute (max. 25 points per minute)
 - Marble growth - with each level reduces the damage taken by WX78 by 3% (max. 15%)
 - knights speed - obtainable after defeating the Clockwork Knight, gives WX78 the ability to dodge, with each upgrade the cooldown rate increases.
 - bishops eyesight - obtainable after defeating Clockwork Bishop, gives WX78 the ability to perform a ranged attack, increases the DMG of the attack with each upgrade, and makes it a short-radius objection attack.
 - Rooks strength - obtainable after defeating the Clockwork Rook, gives WX78 the ability to perform a ground slam that stuns enemies for a short time and deals low damage, each upgrade increases the stun range and attack DMG

As you can see this list has gotten a bit longer, isn't it? And now it is necessary to explain why WX would have 4 slots for upgrades. Well, the first 6 improvements would be "common", that is, they could be made anytime, anywhere. Thanks to this amount, the player could choose what kind of WX78s build he would like to play. If a player has a problem with eating, he installs improvements responsible for hunger, and if he has a very aggressive gameplay, it will increase HP. These first 6 upgrades could be assembled into 3 by 4 WX slots. Slot 4 would ONLY be dedicated to upgrades crafted with Clockwork Pieces, as they would give the WX78 some special ability to be activated by the Right Mouse Button.

2) Storm and WX78
Now that the tweaks are over there are a few things about the wetting and overlaod of the WX78. Also, getting wet would mean the WX78 would take more unblockable damage with armor. Susceptibility to damage would depend on the degree of wetting (15% -40% - 10% damage susceptibility, 40% -70% - 20% damage susceptibility, 70% -100% - 30% damage susceptibility). As for overload - being overload, the WX78 would now have the cooldown of Clockwork Pieces reduced by 50%, but the balance is the most important, so the overload duration could be reduced by 66% (1/3 of a day) and the movement speed when overloading it is reduced by 33% (instead of 50% bonus speed - 33.5% bonus speed).

We also know that in the rain the WX78 takes damage and sparkles, of course I leave it with the downside of taking damage in the rain, but since you can see the WX sparkle in rain, in my opinion it is a good idea to make every attack of the WX78 in the rain have 66% to deal electrical damage

3) Create gears
Probably not only I was faced with the dilemma of whether to build a refrigerator or improve the WX78 further, so it's time to solve this dilemma! It would be interesting if the WX78, Winona and Wanda had the ability to dismantle some of the items dug from the graves for gears, making the choice between upgrading your character or building other things for which gears are needed easier.

4) Ending
Well ... And I'm afraid that unfortunately that's all I wanted to improve looking at my previous post. I hope the corrections I made to the previous concept. All the time, however, I encourage you to read my previous post, if you want to read a little about the concept of adding the rest of the chess pieces to DST. (I repeat the link from that post: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/136752-my-view-and-expectations-on-wx-78-rework/)

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12 hours ago, SuperDonuts said:

The picture with the roadmap seems to show a plant with gear-fruit. So we might have an equivalent of marble tree for gear

Tesla Trees were in fact a scrapped RoG concept.

Fingers crossed they come back for Wx's rework as a more easily renewable character specific way to grow gears.

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On 2/17/2022 at 7:24 PM, SuperDonuts said:

The picture with the roadmap seems to show a plant with gear-fruit. So we might have an equivalent of marble tree for gear.

I'm pretty sure that the wines are for Wicker and the spring is a part of the alchemy engine.

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14 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

wagstaff gears and charlie rose vines

I think so too. After all, Klei talked about "setting the stage" updates, so probably wine is the symbol of Charlie and Gear is the symbol of Wagstaf.


As for Tesla Trees themselves - maybe when a tree would be struck by lightning, it would sprout gears? What do you say?

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