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Giant and creature stun locking?

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So I am working on a video on this.
But i wanted to find out more information about this.  I know its not just the case of long ranged attacks stunning enemies its more so that the time delay of attacking with a whip is just the perfect ammount for stun locking.
The added range of the whip allowed for  you to not get hurt because in the .06 second difference the mob could not hit in that time.  where as being closer with other characters that have a slower attack interval (beefalo and moose) The enemies would not get stun locked because they could attack canceling any stunlock

This is why spider warriors are tougher because their attack is not stun cancel able vs how normal spiders can be stun canceled.
same with hounds.  but if you are not in range of attack they cant do the attack that avoids stun.
Hence why wanda with whip was really strong.

and also why this updated added more immunity to stun 

I guess the question im asking is is there a comprehensive list of which entities this got changes with?
I would want to be thorough  with explaining stun mechanics.

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7 hours ago, CarlZalph said:

Patch delta for that revision:  https://github.com/penguin0616/dst_gamescripts/commit/60c57662dd7cebdc93840071c8ef9495444bfe0f

Main place to look at is the stategraph changes.

Sorry if this is offtopic, but I just wanna say that I have massive respect for how much knowledge you have for this game and the resources you provide. Kudos to you my dude.

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