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Ways Klei could help clean up lore problems

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Heres some easy ways Klei can help fix and clean up the problems with the lore. Since Wanda has been through different timelines, she could also help fix up plot holes of the ancients, or maybe a new quote telling about the survivors coming out of the Portal. (Yes, I know her time travel has limits.)

I mean most of the problems with the lore for me is that the gateway arc wasn't finished properly and the Ancients lore started to become confusing, something that could be easily cleared up with Maxwell's inevitable rework animation showing how he got he got the Codex Umbra and maybe even its origin with the next content arc could help clean up the Ancients lore, by maybe updating the ruins.

The other problem ive seen is why the regular ruins dont talk about the archives where they worshipped Alter, well it is possible that the murals were meant  to say that part of their civilization split, one worship the shadows the other the moon, though its wayyyy easier if Klei just updated the ruins to talk about the other city.

Klei could easily fix up the lore problems by creating another puzzle more about the gateway arc or clearing up the problems and plot holes with the Ancients that could reveal how the survivors came back, focus back to the shadow lore a bit more and just update the ruins.



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Hopefully Klei's plans are specifically for that when it will come to Maxwell's refresh. The lore is all over the place but it's mostly cuz loose treads not tied yet.
I believe they're taking things slow to reveal things to keep things interesting. Wanda's presence is just to kinda exist if really. She's not of quite of the main cast but she also forgot half the things she experience from both past and future so idk what to tell. Kinda important yet irrelevant character in the story that just likes to lore-tease xD

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