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Game Saves PC/Mac

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Hi folks !

My loyal old Imac, wich was in my life since 10 years just died. As this computers are a bit expensive and as in needed a computer quicly to work, i decided to buy a PC. So, i have a PC :/  I re-discovered all the stuff i was happy to forget (loading screens, bugs, crash, alert boxes, ugly icons and creepy design...) but that's not the purpose.

I decided to get back the save of my +1000 days world (and eventually a lot of other data but anyway...) from my Imac hard disk to my PC : i used Päragon to get the Klei folder (automatically created in "Document" folder on the Mac) and it's actually on my PC. This part sounds alright.

Now, please, i would know if i can cut the save and past it in the PC's Klei folder in order see it in Steam and play it again ?  And if it's possible, what are the steps ? Where should i paste it (i'm not familliar anymore with PC) ?



Thanks in advance ;)

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