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Cross play / cross progression for dst

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Some of my wishes for 2022-2023, the game on consoles is almost barren especially on Xbox as there is about 20 different servers active at a time, it might be difficult with how prevalent mods are in dst pc but that could also be an argument for direct mod support for console just like how Skyrim special edition did for consoles with the addition of console mods (Not the creation club)


my second wish is for cross progression, I've spent a lot of money on DST because I enjoy the game and like giving money to developers who make games I enjoy but it sucks that now I'm wanting to make the switch to PC i cant access all the skins and characters I paid money for I've had this game for a good few years on console and had it for even longer on pc, but as i lost access to my pc a few years ago i was stuck to playing console and got comfortable with it and started buying skins. I've seen other games over the years use external accounts to link different platforms and Klei already has half the job done with the accounts on their website which you can directly connect to your Xbox, steam and PS accounts for the rewards with reward codes, I'm not very good at programming and I find it extremely difficult to even program movement in my game projects so I can't imagine how it must be for something like this but I don't think its as hard as I think, what would need to be done is to create a sort of master account like how twitch has where you can connect other accounts to a separate account that has nothing to do with the account itself and have this account be able to connect to Xbox and PS accounts as well as steam and combine all the accounts into one through that master account. A problem I've seen with other games that are in need of cross progression have problems with duplicate items in games without knowing how to handle them, DST already has a system for duplicate cosmetics the hardest part would be the DLC characters and how you would handle duplicates of those. One suggestion could be to give spools or bolts for the characters so players could reuse those spools or bolts on something else so they don't feel scammed; another option would be to give some sort of unique skin for a character that got merged by this account merge to commemorate the player getting multiple of these characters its not as good or easy to manage but if you didn't want to give players more spools or bolts (which I don't see why that would be a problem because you regularly give out codes for points which can be changed to spools)


Jeez this turned out quite long, if you can't tell id personally prefer cross progression as I mostly play with friends or solo and I felt it necessary to provide a way that cross prog could be achieved, I'm not educated in this field so if there are some inaccuracies I apologise.

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Crossplay & cross progression would be cool. Not sure how hard they would be to implement, but the mod issue could be circumvented by just not showing servers running mods that require downloading to console players.

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