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Two mod requests

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Hey modders, I have a couple of items I'd like to request from the experts, if they are possible.

Dupe access for checkpoints.
I'd like the same dupe access interface for checkpoints that appears on doors, so I could have default access to all, or limit access in either direction for specific dupes. I'm tried of having my dupes with no suit skills trudge half way to a task just to run out of time and fall asleep or make a mess trudging all the way back. I know I could just use a door to do this, but it seems like a function the checkpoint should have.
Selectively remove the dupe icon on the printer on skill upgrade available
Once I have sufficiently upgraded a particular dupe to where I want them, I'd like to disable the skill upgrade available icon on the printer (and mini printers). That way when I see the icon I'll know a dupe has a skill point available that I may actually want to spend. As it is now, once one dupe no longer requires any new skill points, the icon is next to useless as it will always be displayed from that point on.

Hopefully someone clever can come up with something for these. I'm also going to post this on the ONI Steam discussions to maximise visibility.


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