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Lunar Experiment missing transformations

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Considering the are items, mobs and other things that have a Lunar counterpart but are not affected by the Lunar Experiment, it could be a good time to update it.

Wobster - Lunar Wobster

Wobster Mound - Moon Glass Mound

Blue Cap - Moon Shroom

Blue Mustree - Lunar Mushtree

Red Bird - Misshapen Bird

Crow - Moonblind Crow

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So...I'm adding bits of this to something I've been working on. 
If I missed anything obvious, throw it at me.



Cover art is that image of Wilson holding Steeped Lunar Essence and the Celestial Orb.
Icon is just the drawing of Steeped Lunar Essence and the hand holding it.

Steeped Lunar Essence (Lunar Experiment) can now be used on more stuff.
Additionally, Steeped Lunar Essence can now also be made via Crockpot.
 Add appropriate cooking tags to Lune Tree Blossom.
 This is a recipe that requires these specific ingredients:
  Lune Tree Blossom
  Moon Moth Wings

Can drink it for 10 Sanity...and a groggy effect like getting hit by a Gestalt.
 It also attempts to apply the Mutate effect a moment later; this will only do anything to Woodie/Wilba (upon full implementation).
 Multiple quickish uses will result in sleep.


 Show the main series of effects in a mini-video...with Wickerbottom.
  Drink one, walk a few steps to show the groggy effect...then drink another.
  When her eyes open again do the REAL Sheck.png.294c495c673bc7a7a970af584bca85e4.png visual effects and sound effects.
  End scene.

Moonglass > Infused Moonglass
Marble > Moon Rocks
Marble Shrub > Moonrock Shrub


 Just need to implement the one state that looks like a combination of the various types that I made into the game.
 No need for growth stages, the player has already made a time/effort investment.

Spider Queen > Shattered Spider Nest
Lureplant > Anenemy
Leafy Meat > Saladmander (green)
Wobster > Lunar Wobster
Wobster Mound > Moonglass Mound
Blue Cap > Moon Shroom
Blue Mushtree > Lunar Mushtree

Most Birds > Misshapen Bird


 Redbird (robin)
 Snow Bird (robin_winter)
 Canary (canary)
 Puffin (puffin)
 Parrot (parrot)
 Seagull (seagull)
 Cormorant (cormorant)
 Kingfisher (kingfisher)
 Pigeon (pigeon)

Crow-type Birds > Moonblind Crow


 Crow (crow)
 Toucan (toucan)
 Parrot (parrot_blue)

Pig > instant Werepig

Wilba > instant? were-Wilba
Woodie > instant? random were-form, ala full moon

Future update??
Ancient Fuelweaver > Do a fair bit of damage damage and trigger special dialogue.


 Initiate harder fight in Uncompromising Mode?

 "W...why would you do that? OW."
 "Oh, that's just rude..."
 "...just for that, I'm going to kill you twice."
 "Ah. You've already made contact with Alter."
 "What...are you doing?"
 "That won't work. How unfortunate."
 "Were it so easy..."
 "You can't possibly comprehend the pain that causes me."
 "If that were enough to end me, we wouldn't be here."
 "...I hate you. So much."
 "You insufferable..."

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