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trying to pickup modding after long time, need some help

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did few moddings for the original game in past.

now dlc spaced-out has leave early-access, trying to update few mods.

i have stopped programing for some time.

just updated the visual studio 2019 and the jetbrain dotpeek.


trying to get a good build with the decompiled 0harmony source,

when opening this sln, vs stated it's targeting 4.7.1 .net ver.

installed both the sdk and tgt pack


then getting error at

...\0Harmony\Mono\Cecil\PE\ImageWriter.cs(672,59,672,63): error CS8370: Feature 'records' is not available in C# 7.3. Please use language version 9.0 or greater.

when looking about this compilation error, looks like using new c# 9 feature record, which should be in .net 5.x.

now i confused, what .net ver is this code working on?

maybe i took things wrong about the compilation err?

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