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Suggestion: Wolfgang's mighty belly, his food addiction, and his gym

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So I guess everyone knows how Wolfgang's old mightiness worked: eat food, get faster, stronger and bulkier. There were some interesting interactions with this mechanic, allowing you to micro-manage your healing and tanking. Although these were quite enjoyable traits in my opinion, I'm not going to dive into their details. Since I think that eating food in exchange for stat boosts is a fun experience, I will be giving my own suggestions on how to improve Wolfgang in this thread.


From what I understand, most of the complaints from the people who don't get a rewarding experience by playing the old Wolfgang has to do with the abundancy of food items. This was the character's biggest downside in terms of enjoyability in my opinion, so I can't blame you for feeling this way. I think the refresh should focus on fixing this aspect first and foremost. Although the dumbbell idea looks good on paper, it fails to provide a rewarding experience for players who don't enjoy waiting every now and then, so people who are enjoying the update so far, we have a common problem with Wolfgang. Both versions of him provide an unsatisfying experience for different people.


There have been numerous suggestions since the announcement of the refresh, most of them focusing on the new mightiness meter. My suggestion comes with the idea that Wolfgang already had a good design (feel free to disagree, but there are players who also think this way). And although I'm not a huge fan of the working out mechanics being the only means of maintaining mightiness, I believe that they aren't essentially bad, just boring to some of us. Also for the others, it would be unjust to introduce this concept and ditch it because there are people who aren't happy with it. This is why I based my suggestion on both the old and the new Wolfgang.


To fix the fundamental problems of the old and the new Wolfgang, the mightiness meter should be tuned in a way that 1) enables you to get/stay mighty while eating, 2) makes it so that eating from the ground to get mighty will primarily benefit you during the early game, where maintaining mightiness with tools isn't efficient enough, and 3) maintaining mightiness neither requires you to stop every now and then, nor requires you to eat 2 meaty stews at once. The tuning 2) is a good place to start, as Winter (and to some extent Summer) actually creates a solid barrier to the accessibility of some food items, such as berries.


But we don't want Wolfgang to just loot every berry bush in the world, so let's implement some RWYS mechanics as well and expand the list of food items to in-season fruits and vegetables, berries being out of season only during winter. And let's say that Wolfgang can only gain mightiness from in-season fruits and vegetables, because they have more nutrients for his muscles (plus game logic). This not only provides an extra method for maintaining mightiness, but also means that Wolfgang has to provide food to the team IF he wants to get mighty using food items. Plus, at least for new players, it adds a challenge to his character that can only be learned from playing the game, which I'm pretty sure was the original idea behind Don't Starve's gameplay. Extra plus, as Wolfgang won't be able to get mightiness from crock pot dishes (cooking food burns out some nutrients, game logic, etc.) or from meat and sweet items (too much nutrient values at a single time for Mr. Wolfgang's constantly working belly), these food items can be used to compensate for the hunger loss from working out in his gym.


Now the tuning 3) gets interesting. More advanced players can primarily mass produce RWYS crops, and less experienced players have the alternative of working out. Both are still an option, and with the tweaking we are all expecting on the dumbbells and the gym, it is definitely a viable method for getting mighty when the players are low on food. Even the more experienced players can benefit from this if they choose not to spend their time and resources on food items. Getting mighty itself doesn't require you to eat or to stand still, but both are equally good options in a balanced way.


Now the question becomes whether Wolfgang should get his mighty belly back, which is worth 300 points of hunger. If eating small value food items that are not cooked gives around 5 mightiness points, then yes, otherwise the mightiness meter falls faster with 200 hunger and players will loot every carrot they see on the ground just to stay mighty, while continuing to lose mightiness rapidly. If those food items give around 2 mightiness points, then definitely no. This will then result in players trying to fill their hunger and mightiness meter at the same time in a very inefficient way, depleting the food stocks. For scaling, the old Wolfgang needed to eat 24 carrots to go full mighty. This roughly translates to 4 mightiness points per carrot in the new meter. This is why I think Wolfgang's mighty belly worth of 300 hunger points should stay.


Anyways, I hope you guys also like this idea, or at least find it interesting. Please let me know what you think. I personally didn't see any reason to remove the old mechanics, and also see no reason why the old and the new mechanics can't work together. Thanks for reading!

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Seems incongruous you'd want match a perk that favors combat supported by a task that doesn't involve attacking, there's a plenty of attacking ways to get food, I don't understand why people would find crop farming less tedious than the gym, I get the feeling that either I'm missing something, or you're asking for something worse.

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