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Share the way you build airlocks, share your knowledge :)

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What are your ways to build airlocks ? :confused:

Are you an efficiency player or do you like to build fancy looking air locks like in a Bond movie ? Do you like experiments and crazy things ?

Share your own personal way of building airlocks :razz:

image.thumb.png.7b5349967f2da8d7b66f69e8ec1874ed.png A Michael Bay fun airlock

How it works and how to build:

The steam engines are pumping the collected steam water down the ladders on the right hand side - Dupe access is via lead suits to prevent heat injuries. The aqua tuners are cooling the steam engines ( with Petroleum ) and are also the cooling aircon system for the entire colony.


Currently I am building a new room inside the steam room ( which contains a salt water geyser and a lava volcano ), its exact purpose and way of function is still in development. If I want to use that room-in-a-room sometime soon, then I need to consider avoiding steam/gas over pressure.

I tend to put heat producing stuff like colony battery backup packs ( and hot machinery ) in to steam rooms.

Simple thermo sensors, for aquatuner`s power shutdown...if the cooling fluid gets too cold or the aquatuners get too hot:


Lots of heat leaks via fat cables in this area. Excuse: I`m busy with building lots of other things in the map. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !


Constructing better conductivity, to heat up the water section I want to have evaporate inside the steam room:


Improving steam and water flow, relocating thermo sensor...

image.thumb.png.364d548f0dcddbcd4e15b6fcbcbaea00.pngimage.png.356dbb099f5811dd75c930cec1244b49.png Building metal tiles for volcano heat transfer

image.thumb.png.8ba8d40974a535e8b3e31a3d3dfbac98.png Tinkering in ONI is soooo much FUN FUN FUN ! :afro:

Perhaps you want to share your favorite way of building airlocks ? :ghost: Anything goes :razz:

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Version 6.69 of the airlock with 1 tile wide "Nanotube" access to the underwater maze :bee:


Gas project work on the cold war rocket silo has started:

The new "Robosux any gas to space" ventilation, for stacked rocket`s exhaust fumes. Once I can make 20K more power, I want to cool the current steam waste to water...with a new 2nd cooling system.


image.thumb.png.f4a74528c4b1758ac59b0729cab368d1.png Natural convection across the entire map height is too slow ... in the deep cave rocket silo :ghost:

Every lead suit dock row is partitioned with 3 tile tall ladder gaps, for dupe worker separation


Worker quarters - More great hall`s for the Great Nation of Dupistan


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