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Question about steam engine

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The steam engine is quite powerful rocket after last buff. It has more height (25 vs 20) and more power watt (600w vs 0w) than the radbolt engine. It has same range (10 hex) as small petro rocket but more heights (25 vs 20) and no oxidizer required. So maybe this is why it costs that much.

I guess that is dev's answer to high steel cost for now.

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The steam engine has the same cost as in the vanilla game iirc. Back there all rocket parts required steel as it was sopposed to be high tech. The steam engine was especially expensive due to it being self sufficient (no fuel tanks or oxydizer needed). I guess it could get some minor addjustments to it`s cost in the dlc though as it`s still semi low tier and some better engines are cheaper. Or they could make the radbolt engine more expensive.

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