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  1. Current glass forge can get only 25 kg of glass from 100 kg of sand, and consume much electricity. But melt the sand with some extreme heat source (rocket exhaust, magma, melted metal from metal volcanoes) will get glass with no mass loss. So can we design a module to make glass with those heat source? BTW, this module may also able to melt rust and get refined iron.
  2. I don't think it's a bug. According to my experience of using a mod about geysers, I believe that they are spawned when you reach out the tile it erupts materials. This makes geysers be here like a bed buried by fallen sand.
  3. A worldgen searcher is better, and we already had one although it's still under re-construction. This site was much useful when you want a world with selected trait in vanilla. It disabled after the merge down changed the wolrdgen. We can except its re-open.
  4. I don't know if this is fine to ask here. Sorry if it is not. I found this in a news related to Tencent said they would publish this "Don't starve New Home", a multiplayer mobile version of Don't Starve by their own publisher, but I can't find any topic talking about this in the forum. Is this version real and truly developed by Klei?
  5. Well, I made some effort again. I was using the mod"pliers" in vanilla before added this DLC and gave it the hotkey "Q". This mod disabled later. So I guess if this remained hotkey break the game. I reset all the hotkeys and find a mod to have another try. The mod still failed to run, but the bug log looks different this time. It says "Patching exception in method virtual System." I do have experience of encounter with virtual system, which was a simulator that can makes me play mobile games on my laptop. The period of using that is also close to when this mod problem happened. This simulator was deleted already and I believe that the Hyper V is not active. So is the game related to virtual system? Could there be something remains or mistaken changed configuration? Bug log e.txt
  6. I've heard that in some really old versions ,kill crab would get "crab meat" or something, which is the ingredient of sushi. Now kill crabs gets shells only, but the sushi (with many other removed items like spaceman training machine) remains in the database. Sure we can revive this recipe. I think make a crab farm for food is possible. We can kill mature crabs by radbolts now.
  7. Will meteor shower happens on all the other asteroids after "that equipment" started?
  8. That's not your target. You should fly to the asteroid with many metal volcanoes. There you will find reed .Take reed seed, clay, gold ,fly back home and make atmo suits. Then fly to another asteroid with oil well and find deckos. Bring decko ,refined iron,and lily seed home. That's how you get steel,reed fiber and plastic when you start from radiactive ocean. I will make clearer instruction if you need
  9. Why steam still requires 2000 kg of steel to be built, while the other large engines with much better performance like radbolt doesn't need that much?
  10. Not always works. Some mistake like forget to load food on rockets can be saved by rollback 1 cycle. But if a fatal error occurred because of wrong design while the chance of correction has long gone... I had one, miscalculated the use speed of cold slush so wheat farm quickly overheated after cold polluted water ran out. My dupe starved to death later. I can't see an option to save them by rollback and then quit. 回档不一定解决问题。像忘了给火箭里送食物,回一天的档就行。但如果某种因为设计失误导致的严重错误发生了呢 我就出过这种事。冷污的使用量没算好,冷污抽干,麦田迅速升温,然后人就饿死了。我不知道回档到哪里去以及怎么改设计可以解决问题,就弃档了。 (之后我就只用液冷方案了)
  11. That not works every time. This is an example found in another forum. If he starts from the bottom, I don't think he has a method to get through.
  12. The flipped asteroid has a tunnel to get through the lava area and get into space, but that tunnel seems has fixed tiles and location, no matter it can be used or not. In some scenario, the lower exit is not deep enough and IN the lava. In other scenarios, the thin abysslite wall can't stop lava conducting the heat or even have lava inside the tunnel. The worst scenario I've seen is that part of the wall melted when player digging the tunnel so lava straight run into the player's facility and destructed them. What worse is that flipped asteroid can't make space suit since reed fiber is completely not available. Using oxygen mask exhaust co2 and break the vacuum,then heated co2 burn the dupes. Suggestion: 1) Make the wall thicker up to at least two layers of abysslite wall and make sure lava or anything hot is isolated from the tunnel. If you insist to make player in troubles,then change the tunnel into a really thick abysslite wall up to 6 or 8 layers from the top to bottom. 2) Make the tunnel much longer in case randomly spawned lava area is even lower 3) (If possible) Give player in flipped asteroid access to reed fiber. Just one buried reed seed would do.
  13. I don't know what the Japanese version is. In Chinese version I can tell if it needs brine or water or something else according the database. (Machine translation)日本語版が何かわからない。中国語版では、塩水や水、またはデータベースに従って何か他のものが必要かどうかを知ることができます。
  14. 基本同意,但问题可能在于理解角度? 缺氧的难点在于什么?在于极高的试错成本。种植区温度失控了饿死人,打印出螃蟹打死人,好奇挖了火山烧家,挖了晶洞被天然气填了家...很多的失误结局只有一个:弃档。以全程3倍速计算,一个200天的档需要11小时以上,然后因为多点了一下,这11个小时就白费了。 这么看来,或许类似缺氧的应该是HOI4,上手极难,系统复杂,学习成本很高,但很值得钻研?那么对照HOI4,或许应该指望多出付费DLC,更多地建设官方论坛和官方wiki,尽管这可能还是更依赖爱好者来完成,而且有些项目可能并不是科雷当时考虑到的,比如蒸汽机的最大吸热能力,这是由科雷直接指定的几个数值推算出的间接结果。比如用花盆种冰萝卜,以及高压制氧。这是设计的漏洞,但确实是某些玩家很需要的攻略。这些我不认为应该也不会出现在官方wiki里。 教程关的话,也可以有,只是我想不到太好的形式。毕竟标准答案是很难出的。以及这东西很可能不久就出标准作业,而新手只是抄作业,并没有学到什么。 另外,我承认我这边的群里似乎没几个人知道官方论坛,我也是游戏坏了才找到这里的,另外英文环境对于国人玩家来说确实有难度。别指望机翻,它不知道mob是莫波。 饥荒是另外一个方向了。如你所见饥荒本体大概已经很久没什么更新了,而联机靠皮肤和新内容可以持续吸引住玩家(和收入)。饥荒联机的试错成本就没有那么高,死了找人拉起来。新内容吸引人,有价值,虽然完全没有教程。而缺氧这边...大概您也知道电话目前最大的作用搞不好是构成高档餐厅而不是加士气。 p.s. 或许没有教程就是科雷在缺氧刚出时的想法? (Most machine translation below) Basic consent, but the question may lie in understanding perspective? What is the difficulty of ONI? is the very high cost of trial and error. Planting area temperature out of control starved people, print out crabs kills dupe, curious to dig a volcano burn home, dig a hole of natural gas and filled the home... There is only one outcome of many mistakes: abandonment. At three times the speed of the whole journey, a 200-day slot takes more than 11 hours, and then because of a little more click, the 11 hours are in vain. In this way, perhaps similar to the lack of oxygen should be HOI4, very difficult to get hands on, complex system, learning costs are very high, but it is worth studying? So compared to HOI4, perhaps we should expect to pay more for DLCs and build better official forums and official wikis, although this may still be more dependent on enthusiasts to complete, and some projects may not be what Corey was thinking about at the time, such as the maximum heat absorption capacity of steam engines, which is the indirect result of several values directly specified by Klei. Or use flower pots to grow wheezewort, and "high pressure oxygen generator ". This is a design leak, but it is a much needed strategy for some players. These I don't think should and won't appear in the official wiki. Tutorial levels can also be there, but I can't think of a good form. After all, the standard answer is hard to come by. And this thing is likely to soon be out of standard homework, and novices just copy homework, and did not learn anything. In addition, I admit that my side of the group seems to know few people know the official forum, I am also find here after my game gone bad, and the English environment for the Chinese players are really difficult. Don't expect machine translation, it doesn't know what is a mob. Don't Starve is the other way around. As you can see DS single version hasn't probably been upgraded for a long time, but DST with skin and new content can continue to attract players (and revenue). The cost of trial and error in DST is not so high, dead and find someone to revive. The new content is engaging and valuable, although there are no tutorials at all. And the ONI side... Presumably you know that the biggest thing about the phone right now is to make up an upscale restaurant rather than boost morale. p.s. Perhaps no tutorial is Klei's idea when the ONI first came out?
  15. Please let me comment in Chinese. Factorio云玩家 1. 这点是这次更新日志里已经承诺过的,最近确实bug多了些,需要集中修复的。 2. 这是什么意思?上车锁门?售价这东西恐怕并不是这里讨论的,要收钱也不是没有办法,花钱解锁粒子火箭,花钱解锁丰碑建造,学Tencent嘛。 3.缺氧的外核心很大,很难说能脱离核心发展mod,再说鉴于新玩家的水平不一,如果以mod为核心的话吓走新玩家,肯定是不值的。先招路人缘吧 4.同意。现在的报表有些不够了,尤其是消耗不分星有些麻烦 5&6.请不要告诉我您在希望咕雷教玩家玩游戏,尤其是这种类型的游戏,败人品。 而且有很多东西难以定义。什么叫开发金属火山?挖开灌水也是,扣上蒸汽机配合液冷降温也是,花百八十周期搭一套火山裂化也是,而并不能说火山裂化因为没有用液冷所以不如或胜过蒸汽机方案。 另外,上面说了外核心,而内核心其实就三个:给氧气,给食物,收拾卫生,只有这三个数值是不可避免地在掉,游戏内所有项目都是为了这三点准备的。即使您走囚犯流(囚禁跑轮,失禁产水,吸污染氧,啃炸泥糕),也要满足这三点。自动化什么的都不是必须的,甚至卫生间自循环也不是 7.恕我不能明白免费DLC和媒体曝光有什么关系...这是不是应该去买稿的? 8.没必要,其实fandom上有很详细的Wiki了,但那是英文版,中文版在建设了,官方确实需要把游戏内百科丰富一下,比如动物的生长周期什么的。区别在于wiki还有模块教程的,而克雷可不会给出“标准答案”