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A character not feeling pain

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Since wanda came out we know for a fact that we will not be getting any new characters until near end of 2022 but just because i like the idea i want to post it before i forget it 


a character that doesnt feel pain would be really interesting and it would need you to play way more cautiously for example 

you would not see overheating or freezing warnings the hp will just start dropping out of nowhere and you have to figure out whats wrong

this also means you wont feel starvation and you would not get stunlocked and die in misery because you forgot your lantern in the ruins during nightmare phase next to the depth worms and you ran out of light but whatever

not getting stunned after taking hit could be insanely helpful but the times it would be helpful be extremely rare so it might as well not even matter


tl;dr it would be really fun if you didnt feel pain in the game

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Off-Topic but Semi Related comment in Spoiler Below.


I don’t think there’s going to be anymore “new” characters, in fact I’m kind of hoping they’ll just port over the 6 remaining from solo DS (with Tweaks for DST of course) and call it a day there.. why? Well this is Why I guess..


(yes I just shamelessly plugged the new shop into a random forum post I have no regrets..)

Apparently this is the entire cast of playable characters for Klei’s other franchise Oxygen Not Included.

What does that have in common with DST? If we include the 6 missing solo DS characters- The total amount of playable characters..


This type of setup as well as the one on the ONI Shirt still has room for 4 additional NEW characters if each row was instead 7 characters per row instead of just the 6 they oddly stop at per row.


The only character unable to feel any pain should be playable Charlie ;) 

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