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I was thinking that with solar panels (while I know they are good somewhat now) that maybe they could be changed to work differently based on how solar panels work on rockets.

I was thinking what if solar panels could be built instead as a solar panel array that could stack and let light past the bottom tiles (by changing them instead to ladder like tiles) and allow them to be stacked on each other. The downside to this change is that the solar panels would need a slight nerf to their power generation to make them not overpowered by lowering their max power generation from 380 to 120 - 180 (somewhere around there).

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11 hours ago, DolphinWing said:

I think we already have Solar Panel Module.


That's unintended rocketry usage IMO. Those shouldn't even work without the rocketry platform underneath. I was thinking something like that but with regular solar panels.

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