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i left these guys for 30 cycles(started with 8).

120 total, including eggs.

i have a mod that makes critters never get overcrowded(custom overcrowded), and this happened, when i just fed them seeds.

i also have three times as many seeds as i started with, so, i have a humongous food source.


120 pacus.

1000kcal per fish, cook into 1600kcal.

one fish gives us that over 25 cycles, which = 60 kcal per cycle.

60 X 120 = 7200 kcal per cycle.

i have 17 dupes.

luckily for me, i have a LOT of mealwood.



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You can produce huge amount of pacu fillet also without the no overcrowding mod. You use seeds to feed 6-8 pacus or even more and with an automate system, you move all the eggs into another chamber such that when the breeding pacus die they get replaced, while the remaining are turned into food.

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1 hour ago, thegroundbelow said:

Heck, I've got a farm that feeds just 2 pacu every day, and I've got something like 190 pacu in my 1-tile "starvation tank." I'm absolutely swimming (no pun intended) in egg shells and pacu filets.

Screenshot, screenshot ! Pleaze pleaze :p

190 pacu a day, keep 190 doctors away...:biggrin-new:

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1 hour ago, babba said:

Screenshot, screenshot ! Pleaze pleaze :p

190 pacu a day, keep 190 doctors away...:biggrin-new:

Sure thing, here you go: 


Some things I didn't want to cram into imgur comments :

As you can see, I'm using a bunch of mods. The "tiny doors" mod comes in really clutch here, though you could definitely redesign things a bit so it works for vanilla.  Just use a regular mechanical airlock in place of the tiny airlock, with the bottom at the same spot, and move the seed storage bin to sit on top of that door. Then you can move the left feeder to where the storage is currently sitting, and replace the right tiny pneumatic door with a full-size one. The left tiny pneumatic door just needs that battery flipper to not be there, and since that's not an integral part of the build, I'll leave that up to you. The item permeable tiles can just be replaced with ladders and/or pneumatic doors.

The automatic dispenser above where the pacu eggs are sitting is the "sweep only" storage for the three different types of pacu eggs. At this point I should just deconstruct it.

I started this off by just wanting a pacu ranch. But I had a bunch of wild pokeshells around the map, so I figured "well, I'll have some free polluted dirt anyway," and expanded to a combination pacu/pokeshell setup. And since I wound up with some free space after that, I thought, "if there's any excess polluted dirt, I could always compost it", and it turned out that I had exactly the right amount of space for two partially submerged composters. Dupes still have to come along and toss the piles, but the left-most sweeper handles loading them will polluted dirt and exporting clean dirt back to my storage.  I'm using "scaffolding" from the Stairs mod to keep my dupes from having to walk through water if they're just going to drop off a new pokeshell, but notice that I left a one-tile gap before that left-most pneumatic door. If I'd put a scaffolding there, then dupes would be able to reach the polluted dirt and rot piles that get dropped off in the pokeshell room. Likewise, the reason the steel ladder doesn't go up one more tile is that then dupes can get errands to pick up pacu filets and egg shells from the starvation tank, but that's handled by the sweeper, so *not* putting a ladder there prevents that from happening.

My cooling loop passes through the pokeshell water, the compost pile water, and both pacu tanks.  In addition, I'm using the main pacu tank as my electrolyzer oxygen cooler, so it serves many purposes.

Anything that's not obvious, feel free to ask.

Edit: also, I just happened to find that 3 pacu had somehow gotten into my breeder tank, and they weren't overcrowded. So I guess 24 water tiles is enough for 3 pacu to stay happy :)

Edit 2: Crap, I forgot I'm also using a mod that allows you to increase the sweeper range, so that sweeper in the big pacu tank won't actually collect any eggs laid on the far-right side of the tank if playing without that mod. See my next post below for a fixed design.


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20 minutes ago, Pedro_L said:

Wouldn't it be more efficient to build a incubator but not keep it powered to streamline the delivery of Pacus to the tank?

If you're confused by the automatic dispenser for pacu eggs, that was just for getting wild eggs into the system. It's not a "normal" part of the ranch's operation.

No pacus are ever delivered anywhere. All eggs hatch naturally, and if there aren't enough breeders, then the door on the left will close, while the door on the right will open, forcing the pacu to flop their way into the breeder tank. Once the breeder population is at 3, then the doors will reverse state, forcing any newly hatched pacu to fall into the single-tile starvation pool.

Also, here's a slightly reorganized design for the breeder tank that should work with vanilla sweeper ranges: https://imgur.com/a/eV8tZCE

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@thegroundbelow would it be possible to integrate a trap door which opens to the bottom, with a pacu counter :confused:

Once its 1000 pacus, including vanilla pacu or even counting and including pacu variants, the pacu hatch could open to the bottom and all 1000 pacu fall on to a big 50 cell stairway which slowly escalates downwards.

At the bottom and end of the tile stairway is a bench, a mark and chair ( the latter for decoration purpose ).

Then we could call it the new:

1000 Pacu FPS CRITTER Benchmark with chair :lol:

That would also match your name, dear thegroundbelow :biggrin-new: Wishing you a nice weekend :p

P.S. The save file could be shared between players, then everyone could observe and enjoy the 1000 pacu benchmark test :angel:

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